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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Best Song Collection

1. Sailor Star Song~Sailor Stars~

2. Nagareboshi he/Shooting Star~Sailor Stars~

3. Todokanu Omoi/My Firends Love~Sailor Stars~

4. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto/The Wind and The Sky, Always~Sailor Stars~

5. Moonlight Densetsu/Moonlight Legend~SMSS~

6. Rashiku Ikimasho/We Will Come As Who We Are~SMSS~

7. Watashitachi ni Naritakute/Wanting To Be Together With You~SMSS~

8. Sanji no Yousei/3 O' Clock Fairy~SMSS~

9. Morning Moon de Aimashoo/Sunshine Moonlight~SMSS~

10. Sunshine Moonlight~SMSS~

11. Tuxedo Mirage~SMS~

12. Moonlight Destiny(Karaoke Version)~SMS~

13. Otome no Policy/A Maiden's Policy~SMR~

14. Moon Revenge~SMR~

15. Heart Moving~SM~

16. Princess Moon~SM~

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