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Hello and welcome to our page.
This page is new and will be updated periodically but
it is a page to let people know that love
can happen when you least expect it.

My name is Melissa aka Sassyone. I live in Mt Vernon Ia
and I met Michael here on the net
in one of beseens many chat room. Michael lives
in Norwich England and is also
known as Goliath. Michael and I will be together
for a week in November and this will be our
first faše to face meeting. We look so forward to
being together at that time. Michael will
then come and stay with me and my son for a couple
of weeks in December.
I am hoping at that time that I can
convince Michael to be my husband.
However if that don't work we will be married in February.
I will be moving to England
in February with my 5 yr old son.
Michael and I are very much in love
and will be together forever.

It is very difficult for us to be so far
apart but that is all going to change shortly.
We will be together in only a few short
months even though that seems like an eternity.

If you have any questions or comments you can
email us we would love to hear from you.
Please also sign our guest books it is really appreciated.
Thanks again for stopping in.

Michael and Melissa

Meet Melissa aka Sassyone

Meet Michael aka Goliath