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More about Me

Hello and Welcome to SASSYONES.
My name is Melissa aka Sassyone. If you don't
already know I am a 25yr old mother of one.

As of February 15,1999 I live in
Norwich England with my wonderful
husband Michael.
I graduated from Kirkwood community
college in May of 1997 and I have
a degree in Computer Operations.

My son is 5yrs old and the
light of my life. He keeps me busy
and is the best accomplishment I have yet made.

I have 3 brothers
and 1 sister. My older brother
Scott is 29 then I have two younger
brothers Chris 13 and Kyle 10. My sister's
name is Tara and she is also 10.
I don't see my brothers often but
I see my sister everyday.

I want to say thanks to
all my friends who have taken
the time to drop in to
name a few, my husband Goliath,
Lalakai, Freerider, Busz, Khronic, Chip,
Alexis, Khakis and Silla
and many others. A special thanks to
Sandman who made my Me link.

Welcome all the
strangers who are just passing through.

Michael since I have met you
I have never been happier.
I love you more than words can say.
Being your wife has made me
the happiest women on earth.
I will always try to be
a good wife to you and mother
to our children. I love you so much baby.

I also want to take the
time to mention a special thanks to
those who have helped make this page what
it is Alexis needs to get the most
credit because without her
I would not have the back grounds I do.
She was able to download them for me
and add them to my page. I also
want to thank Busz and Sandman
for helping me with my picture pages,
and last but not least Michael for scanning
my pictures for me. Thank you all.

If you
would like to see anything added or taken
out just Let me know and I
will see what I can do. Your opinion
and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I also want to mention that
Michael and I would like to
thank Alexis and F1 for being
in our wedding on Dec 31.
It wouldn't have been the
same without you both there
I also want to mention my friends
Darcy and Mike for being
there too. They all had to put
with alot of shit from me so
I love you all thanks again.
Please keep coming back I
will soon have wedding pics for all to see.:-)