To Much Boring Info About ME!

My Name: Rebecca Elizabeth..(durh)
Nicknames: Becca, Beck, Biguns,
Parents' names:Patsy-mom Tom-stepdad Terry-dad
Age: 15
Birthday: March 1
Relationship Status: SINGLE!!!! woohoo!
Pets: 2 Cats
Height: 5'2 1/2
Hair colour: strawberry blondish
Eye color: blue
Piercings: ears
Current Job: What job... oh yes... i like standing on the corner!! aside from washing dishes... lol
Birthplace: Worthington, MN
Hometown: Sibley, Iowa

Salad dressing: Ranch
Color of socks: White, with baby blue adidas sing dealies
Number: 7
Movie: Noah's Ark, Sister Act 2, 10 things i hate about you, Pippy Longstocking, Mary Poppins, Love & Basketball
Quote from a movie: "Thats right lady, You've got two wrong feet and FUCKY UGLY shoes." "Seeming i have no legal experance, and Ed here has no faith, i went out there and perform sexual favors. 634 blowjobs and two days, im rather tired."
holiday: 4th of july
Food: squaw corn.. my mom makes it, and its yummy! also, green olives and dill pickles of all sizes.
Day of the week:Saturday
Song at the moment: Blu Cantrell- Hit em up style(oops)
TV show: Bug Juice, Trading Spaces
Word or phrase: Whatever Tickles your PICKLE
Restaurant: Luen Fong, McDonalds, Subway
Subject in School: Math, and Art
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Zoo exhibit: polar bears, Dolphines
Disney/ Warner Bros Movie: Lion King (the first one)
Shoes: Hot Pink Thong Slippers