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This is Me

Ok I changed it some but some is the same! I spend most of my time with my Fiance Jerimiah, major sweetheart, one of these days I will get a picture up here for you guys to see. Maybe a wedding picture we are getting married in Nov. Mackenzie Elizabeth is here! June 26th she got here. Wonderful baby. I am going to put a picture of her here. Sorry friends you are getting kicked off!! Same old same old what to tell you about me...I don't know what to tell you I am just me, there is no one like me anywhere I promise! I grew up in a small town in Iowa. Trust me! My graduating class consisted of 53 students and that is the largest class that went through our high school. I just have my one little brother (well younger). My lil bro is graduating this May boy am I proud of him he is top of his class he will be a certified harley mechanic along with some other stuff (to much for me to remember). I could be an only child, I am spoiled like I am. Think that might stop when my parents get their grandbaby though. My dad is a harley man and a product relocation manager (aka a truck driver), mom is an Executive Director of Plant Services. I am really proud of her. She is one the very few women in that position, she is a great role model that I think needs more attention than she has gotten, I only hope I can be that strong. I don't know what else to share. Feel free to email me with anything you want to know about me or with any suggestions and please sign my guest book! Let me know who was here! My number keeps going up but no one writes. New rule once I get more people to sign I will put more up. New pics stuff like that But if no one new is looking then no need to update right!

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Ok guys. I am working on getting my favorite sites here. For right now these are just a few...I will figure out how to get them to open a new browser but for now you will just have to use the back button. Sorry guys! These are old and don't know if they all work. I will try to check them more when I have time. As soon as I get settled in a home I will try and get pictures scanned and sites updated! Promise guys.

Maverick Hockey, you have to go to sports finder then click on hockey. Sorry no other way to get it up. But it is worth it the boys are the best! You can check out other MSU sports while you are there but MSU Mens hockey is a must!!! Even though this year was a tough one you can't give up on um!

Another MSU hockey site

WCHA offical site

ESPN's home page

Inspirational site

Another Inspirational site. This one has some good poems.


Mankato State's home page...wait the name is Minnesota State University Mankato...what ever it is my college.

Another friend page


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