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Welcome To My Shout-Out Page,

These are all the people I would like send a Shout-Out to:


The Panther, it's great to see you online baby, I'm always happy
to see my family online 
Dj303, your my pal, and my partner in crime!!
just do me a favor and lay-off the funky nicknames!!!
RickRom1, your a classy guy rick, who else would
go to paris and eat Doritos and Dr Pepper?? LOL
Jander4060, your a good friend and one heck of a
golfer, keep swinging baby!!!!
Microphlex, Dj's older and more intelligent brother,
you are a class act, and a lot of fun to kid around with,
Wi$eguy, My pal on the web, Keep on surfing!!
 Your still not getting my bud light! LoL
Jazzmine, thx for linking me up, your cool, even if I dont
know who you are!! LoL
Dino of the Rat Pack, Your the hippest cat cruising the
Tiger, Thx for the link! Long live the emperor!!!
By the way.....can i be king??? LoL
Dolphinsgirl, you got a nice page, keep up the good work
and keep out of trouble, LoL

I know I am forgetting to mention a lot of people, but remember, just because I forgot to put your name up here, don't mean that I am not thinking about you Drop me a line and i'll be happy to kick a shout your way!