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Solitary Lammas Ritual


For decorating the altar, use stalks of wheat or fancy grass (Fountain Grass, Maiden's Hair Grass, be careful some of these Grasses are sharp enough to slice your fingers.), gold, yellow, and orange streamers, a white pillow. Include a round blanket or rug (which you can sit and place the food and dishes on.), the Food and dishes.


Cast the circle and say:

"Here i am on this day, Lammas, August Eve, The first harvest, and the first day of the harvest season. I am here it understand life, death, and rebirth and to give reverence to those who have endured each."

Bow your head and think about how Lammas fits into each of the three above and the wheel of the year. Say:

"I am here to witness the maturing of my Goddess, Mother Earth, the waxing Lady of the Moon, the pregnant wife of the aging Sun King. Harvesting...a necessary transition on the wheel of the year."

Place the pillow on the blanket. Say:

"Ageing is the beloved mother; one of the three faces of my Goddess. But she will be forever with us. I watch as the God tends to her needs and helps her in her first harvest."

Set a plate out for the Goddess and say:

"Enjoy Beautiful Mother."

Start placing small amounts of food on the plate. Say:

"The mother wishes to bestow upon us the gift of knowledge. Thus she shall speak.

Set a plate for the God and say:

"The Mother has shown me the way. Now on this evening at this time, i shall consider what has happened in the past season and what to do in the seasons to come.

Eat. This is a good time to think of the past and the future. Say:

"May this feast help me understand and act upon my Karma. May this essential step aid me in my living and learning.

Close the circle when feast is over.

Serve at the feast listed above: Homemade bread, nuts, berries, and apples. Grape Juice for the drink.

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