all right now i have a REAL diary here now so try out FORGETREGRET DIARY also in the area where it says diary down below is where essays i am proud of are as well as older entries that are still fun to read so still go there! and for crying out loud! sign the guestbook people!! I like to hear from you!

I HAVE SEEN RENT 8 TIMES NOW AND DAMN IT GETS BETTER EVERYTIME! Ill have more pictures of me and the cast members as soon as i can scrounge up some money for development.

ok, dammit people. Everyone keeps asking me who i am in these pictures. All you have to do is scroll down more and see pictures of just me and then come back up and put two and two together, before you ask me when you dont really need to, BUT ill explain who i am anyways. In the first picture i am on the left then it is Matt Caplan who plays Mark in the Benny Tour of RENT and then Chris who is a friend of mine at college and is obssessed with RENT too. Then the second picture is me then Mark Ford who is Collins in the Benny Tour of RENT and then Chris again and then Dominique Roy who is a swing in RENT and plays various people. If you want to see more KINDA recent pics then go to the link right down there called "recent pics." Thank you

-->ME-Matt Caplan-best friend Chris

  • CHECK THIS OUT...IT'S MORE RENT PICTURESit's got more pics of me and RENT people!
  • "Your eyes, as we said our goodbyes. Can't get them out of my mind...and i find i can't hide. From your eyes...the ones that took me by surprise. The night you came into my life, where there's moonlight i see your eyes. How'd i let you slip away when im longing so to hold you, now i die for one more day, cause there's something i should have told you, there's something i should have told you...when i looked into your eyes. Why does distance makes us wise? you were the song all along, and before this song dies. I should tell you, i should tell you, i have always loved can see it in my eyes."

  • this is my beautiful baby girl in her second ultrasound. Haven't decided on a name yet, but when i do ill tell ya. She's due October 12th-ish.
  • Next is my wife, Veronica, isn't she the cutest, beautiful most gorgeous woman you've ever seen? i think so...but im a bit biased
  • A picture of the president of my college and I
  • LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!
    Favorite RENT Character(even though i can\'t pick one myself, maybe you guys can!)

    Current results

  • aww what the heck i'll put this link right here. I know i tend to copy other people sometimes but this is going to be a place where from time to time i come and i share my thoughts. It just seems like the thing to do and it'll make me feel better. In this i will have my thoughts, some pictures of my thoughts and events as they happen, and from time to time some writing things that i perhaps do and would like to if ya dont want to read it, dont! But if you're bored come on in enter the world of Lars and i hope, for the most part, you have a good time! Here goes nothing...enter

  • Most recent pictures will be right here if you want to see themNEW PICS

    RENT--the greatest musical...and other things i love...




    I got myself a RENT page!!
    You need to goto this page!!

    I made this up at Waldorf...dont know how to explain...just go.

    A Little about retarded so there will be more about me in another section of this pae, THEN more after that, what can i say im retarded...

  • for all of you who want to see my picture its on this page right here...i mean im in the links too but for a quick picture of me just scroll donw for pete's sake....or for anybody's sake!
  • I AM NOT A COMMUNIST...ITS ALL A JOKE AND JUST FOR THE FUN OF now that you know that...join on up!
  • Hey...our quintet, formally a sextet, competed June 6th 1999 to see if we could win and go on to the State Fair in Des Moines. We won! so we get to go to the state fair!! We sang "Hand Me Down My Walking Cane" and we had a little dance to i will get info on when we perform there and you can come see it!! Thanks! HERE YA GO!!!! THE IOWA STATE FAIR IS BEING INVADED BY OUR QUINTET AUGUST 15th 1999AT 1:00 P. M. !!!!!! COME WATCH US!!! CHEER US ON!!! WE'RE GOING FOR 5,000 DOLLARS!! hey well we are done we sucked alot. And we went nowhere. BUT we got there and we tried and it was a good experience :-)


    Senior year Prom pictures

    Friends Page #1 thus far...Allison, Megan, Jason, Jena(my sister)!

    Friends Page #2 thus far...Jason, Nick, Pointless Pics, and All-State Pictures!

    My graduation page--Graduation pictures and a few more pointless pictures...

  • These will take a while to load...i dont know why so if anyone knows what i can do to make them go faster...e-mail me or sign my guestbook. Thanks! and sorry for the wait!

  • Hi!! My name is Lars I'm 19, born January 16th, 1981 in a small town of 3500 in the middle of Iowa, i led a fairly normal life growing up. I tried the whole sports thing in 7th grade, i was so puny i sucked ass at it all, so i got into speech, drama, plays, music, musicals, band, choir, you name it i did it in high school. I found i could be fairly good at this so i continued to do so. Written down for you, somewhat in chronological order, are the things i did and how much i liked or disliked them down these pages. I graduated from Roland-Story High School. I am going to Waldorf College. I am currently in my 5th semester at Waldorf, making me oficially a junior. I am majoring in Communications, computer graphics/journalistic shtuff emphasis(i'd like to do avertisement and makle programs and web pages and all that advertising and promotional stuff for a major theatre if i dont make it as an actor), and im also majoring in Theatre :-) I plan on doing this then graduating then maybe going to a university to major in musical theatre or maybe just vocal then im moving out to NYC to pursue my acting career, auditioning for plays and musicals...there i want to make a living. However i am now getting married June 23rd and having a kid in october so i wont be going out to NYC for a LONG time now, but i can always wish :-) I love my wife a lot and i will love my kid even more so im pumped!!
  • here's a picture of the ever-so-famous(well to people at my school, ok not even there either)trio of Romeo & Juliet. Jason is on the left, Jason(who is down in my people i wish to acknowledge)is in the middle and Im on the right...

  • here's one of my senior pics...

  • A Little MORE About Me

  • I suppose you might want to know MORE about the creator of this wonderful site, well my name is Lars! Yes i am very a matter of fact im went to Norway the summer of '99 from July22-August 9. be jealous. I have two older sisters and a mom and a dad. I am the youngest. Some say the youngest is the most spoiled and i would not say that. Youll see a picture of my family sometime. In high school i kept myself very busy i wouldnt have it any other way though...I was involved in Large Group and Individual speech, Solo/ensemble contest, Mixed Chorus, Mens Chorus, Chamber Choir, Golf, Fall Plays, Musicals, Variety Shows, Summer Musicals, and Band i think thats it. I bet its not but i cant think of anything else. I cant tell you about scholastics because i sucked at those. I wasnt even in the top half of my class. I was very close though. I NOW KICK ASS AT SCHOLASTICS IN COLLEGE SO WOOOOOOHOOOOOO 3.4 BABY!!!!!! SO smartness is not cant think of anything else and im gonna stop for now...c-ya!

    My favorite things to do

    • Sing--I sing 1st tenor in college choir and jazz choir, though i can sing anyting you need me to. I'm in Choir and Jazz Choir Band and i play the Euphonium in band.
    • Act--i have been and still am involved in many productions. You'll see them all down the page a bit
    • Rollerblade--I used to only rollerblade but i bought myself a pair of Roces Fifth Elements and want to start aggressive skating.
    • I also like to golf---not much else to say about golfing but i do it!
    • Listen to music--i mainly listen to Musicals and Operas. MY favorite musicals would be RENT, Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Into the Woods, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Cats, My Fair Lady, Music Man, Pirates of Penzance, Guys and Dolls. And my favorite operas would be Madame Butterfly and La Boheme.
    • Im was in speech in high school. I got the honor of going to all-state my senior year in my ensemble Romeo & Juliet--it was a 3-man ensemble with my friends Jason and Jason.
    • Hacky Sack--its fun, no matter if its "cool" anymore or not.
    • Listen to RENT---i got to see it twice when it came to Des Moines. I rushed for 13 hours with some friends and got 2nd row seats. Then i got a guitar pick from Roger(Christian Mena) and got to meet some of the cast after it. I have also seen in Mnpls/St Paul in the 16th row and i saw it in Iowa City 4 times. LOTS of stories about that so just ask me im not gonna type it all. I highly suggest you look into this will change your life. It's the best!!
    • Read---Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy (there ya go Ted! and my mom!) the guys that wrote the Left Behind series, GOOD BOOKS!
    • Sleep---if i ever get around to it!
    • Watch TV and Movies--if i have time i like to watch movies and TV shows. Good movies are impossible to name since there are so many!


      Ok, so as you've read from above, I like Theatre, drama, acting, singing, whatever you wanna call it, i like it!! Here's my rap sheet so far. It's not glamorus but it's something to be proud of is what people have told me.


      My Acting Career!

    • Back To The 50's---This is my first high school production and it took place my the last half of my freshman year. i was too much of a wuss to try out for the play my freshman year...i was on crew though! So this is about the 50's as you could guess. I was in a commercial...i was a little kid that wanted to watch Tv, it was for a new Crosby TV. And then i was in The Mickey Mouse Club i was ROY! and i was a mousketter(however you spell that). We sang some cool songs. Then i was also in the hit parade.
    • M*A*S*H---What can i say, this was the first play i was ever in, or ever tried out for, and it's my favorite. I was Captain Walter Waldowski(Walt), owner of The Painless Polish Poker Parlor and Dental Clinic. It was a very rewarding role. I had to go from fun, to suicidal(not having to laugh on stage while people are poking you in the sides and calling you funny names aint easy!) and then back to normal again. It left me feeling like I did something, like i could be something. As you'll find out that changes.
    • Guys & Dolls---This was SO much fun. My first musical. My part was a crapshooter. Just some background people who sing and dance. It was more than that though. Boy did we ever sing and dance! We had an awesome dance and our songs rocked! I dont know what else to say. Danny was the lead! And so it was so much fun to act next to him. A good friend of mine too. He blew everyone away on stage! So i was not sad at all about the part that i got at all. I still look back on this musical and smile :-)
    • Seven Brides For Seven Brothers---This is my first time trying out for JSTT which is Judge Story Theatrical Troupe. And that is a community theatre we have. People from around the neighboring areas come and try out and perform. So as you can tell i made it. I was a lumberjack and a suitor. my name was "jeb" as a suitor. My sister was a daughter. And two of my friends were brothers. Oh was a fun musical roughly put together. I enjoyed it though. "Nuff said i guess...
    • The Pink Panther Strikes Back---The 2nd play of Lars' High School career. A fun one. My part was Hindu Harry and the mexican assasin. Jason was the lead. We had to do an assasin scene and our director let me choreograph it so i did, kind of. I would have to say that i wasnt exactly thrilled with the part i got, but i lived and did my part as best as i could. No matter what anyone says, and i know someone will have something to say(behind my back or to my face)it's hard to watch two of your best friends get up on the stage and kick ass at their parts, their LEAD parts. Jealousy is gonna run through a person's head. but enough about that. Nonetheless i enjoyed this play and am glad to have it a part of my acting career.
    • The Sounds of Cinema--this would be the 2nd variety show for Lars. in this I was in State Fair it was a song and dance thing and i was in Saturday Night Fever...that was kinda fun...but thats all i was enough of that.
    • My Fair Lady---Kick my own butt!!! This musical was awesome!! Took place the summer after my junior year. 2nd JSTT production. GREAT music GREAT actors a GREAT time. I was a butler of some kind called a footman and i was a chorus part. And i didnt care what anyone else had. i LOVED every minute of this Musical and would do it agian anytime. Paul the lead(if you know him you know him i dont need a last name)was AWESOME!! i liked my part i hated the songs for the butler but i loved all the chorus songs and the dancing i got to do!! Funny part of this play is that i was in more dances and songs but they cut me out and they had a solo they gave em and everything and they cut that from me too...and i think there might have been something else...but i got the award for the Super Trouper because i got kicked out of soo many things. But i LOVED it anyways!! great great great music :-)
    • The Thread That Runs So True---This was my last, my senior year play, last ever :-( It was a good one too i guess! I was "Budge Waters" a math whiz but very shy and doesnt talk unless spoken to. And im not like that at all...but people did tell me i did the part very well so thats good. It was a fairly decent sized part, so that was good. Jason Mortvedt was the lead again...and he did do a very good job! Im serious hats off to Jason. SO that was a good play to end on i guess. All the plays i was in was a god experience for me and my acting ability. I enjoyed my high school play career and cant wait ot see what happens in college.
    • The Music Man--- Now its no surprise i wasnt the most excited with the part i got. yes its jealousy again. I was Traveling Salesman #1 and Constable Locke. My friends got...the quartet parts and the leads. Im used to it by now...but I was still a little saddened by it. But i did a good job and i LOVE the Train scene. what a way to open the show. We sit on stage and wait for the curtain to come up...and its the hardest scene in the whole musical. So its very nerve racking. Challenged that was good. Overall i was happy with the musical my last high school production :-( i cried...and rightfuly i should! I loved plays and musicals. I dont feel the need to explain myself. I would have liked to have Guys and Dolls be my last musical but oh well. Two thumbs WAY up and hats completely off to Nick who was the lead and a great friend of mine. He did GREAT!!
    • Pirates of Penzance---Took place the summer after my senior year. it was great. Once again GOOD music. I LOVED the songs. Addicting songs. The lead was great. Then of course theres Sharon. Man Man Man i know i forgot to metion her earlier. But i will briefly say...the greatest singer ive ever known. WOW WOW WOW!!!! and stage presence...she rocks!! ok enough. I guess i should tell you...i was a household member person. Then in the second act we rocked...i was a policeman and if you know anything about this musical or have seen it...the police are awesome. Bill(for those of you who know who im talking about)is awesome!! great great singer and he directs a high school choir. he is a great policeman. It was awesome. The 3 JSTT productions i did all had diffrent directors all very diffrent but they all worked out!! i hope to be seeing myself in future plays and musicals in college and in JSTT produtions for a long time!!
    • Cinderella---this is my most recent production as of now, being 7/8/00. It was done the summer after my freshman year of college. I had grown in my acting skills and my singing skills. Yet coming back to my hometown to my old theatre group they didnt seem to care. I got the same part i always got...CHORUS! I dont mind i like chorus. I also got to go out there before the show and in between acts to do a little norwegian comedy and also tell about the show and what's going on and what was left out of the program and waht not. It was a comedy routine wiht a friend of mine. it was great! I had an awesome time and everyone loved it. I'd have to call this my favorite JSTT production to date. The cast was just spectacular and we bonded as a family. I miss them all and i miss the musical! "Boys and girls like you and me" :-) gotta love it! Also the little antics we pulled on the prince. Too much fun! So that's all for this one! Another one in the belt, and another good one! :-)

      My College Career

    • I am now going to be a sophomore at Waldorf College and have started acting again, well kind of. So here is my acting career at Waldorf so far as of 7/8/00 i am trying out for all 4 plays this up coming year, let's see if i get a part...don't worry i'll clue ya in as to if i get a part or not.
    • You Never Can Tell---Well this here is what we call a typical freshman in college part. As you can tell from the parts i got in high school though you know i shouldnt have expected much more. All i was was a waiter that was on for 5 minutes, 8 minutes if you want to be rambunxious. I served the food to the family and left. It was the kind of part that made you want to kill yourself, ill tell you why. We had so many props and so many exits and entrances, the other mian waiter and I. So we had all that to worry about and then the fact that we didnt choregraph the scene until the night of the performace was kind of stressful. I don't really feel like describing what the play was about, it was fun to watch though and the parts the people got fit them well so it was a pretty cool play!
    • Beloved Friend---here is my second college play. In this it was about two girls who became pen pals. Rachel is from Zimbabwe and Kristin is from Minnesota. They write each other and finally meet after a LONG time. I wont tell you what happens but it is really sad and is an awesome play. It shows how no matter your race color or location you can get along. It's just awesome! Hard to explain. Here is what the back of the script says: "At the beginning, Kristin, a high school student in Minneapolis, is encouraged into corresponding with an African girl her own age who lives in Rhodesia and their exchange of letters results in dramatic developments. For Kristin, life is good - shaped by affluence. For Rachel, life is a power struggle against poverty, indignity and through a civil war. As the women mature independently, they also grow together, until their spirits seem closer to one another than to anyone else. At critical moments, each has an importent effect on the life of each other." So there ya go folks! How's that for ya? I was a Rhodesian Soldier Two. I did not have a name but i had lines!! I loved my part. I had an influencial part in the play. My part had a lot to do with the play, i kill Rachel's boyfriend! He was a guerilla for the war, so he was a wanted man basically. Ok so that was my part. i liked my part a lot! So there ya go...I made lots of friend and grew closer to some people as of this play, so that made me happy too. I have two wonderful friend, Pam and Linda, who are from Zimbabwe. I also have a friend names Elisa, from africa, i dont know where exactly. Also Lasantha from Sri Lanka! AWESOME PEOPLE!
    • The School for Scandal---Hey there! It's my sophomore year in college we're talking about now. This is the first play of the year. It's about Sir Oliver Surface(or Lady Olivia as we had played by Jenn) trying to figure out which one of his nephews, Joseph Surface(Nathan) and Charles Surface(Lucas), is worthier. There is the "school" of scandal which has Lady Sneerwell(played by my girlfriend Veronica), Sir Benjamin Backbite(that was me), Lady Teazel(steph), Crabtree(Becky) and Mrs. Candor(Melinda). What we do is gossip about everyone and stick our noses where we shouldnt. We manipulate things, and it's just a fun fun part! It was a fairly large part too, kind of like a quasi-lead. Loved it! It was a blast and the people rocked!! Awesome cast! I can't wait till my next play with these guys!
    • The Adding Machine---well here it is. The play that i was in but not in. This play was very messed up. It calls for like a cast of 15 and our director windles it down to like 5 and only like 3 are actually ever on stage. This is an expressionistic play and boy is it messed up and our director did it very expressionistically if thats a word. I auditioned and didn't get a part, later i found out it was because they wanted me for Love's Labour's Lost, but fuck that other's in this play here were in LLL too. Oh well FUCK IT. I did stick through it though and was props master. Because i was props master i got to be on stage, when the lights were out, but we also had to bring out these 12 heads that the main characters talk to, since they are suppose to be real people but our director didn't cast it like that and so it was just voice over the sound system. In bringing out these heads we were onstage and we had to act, so YEAH i had a part. PLUS i was Mr. 1, which is a person because there is Mr and Mrs 1-6, which were the heads if you were following along. So i was a character and i had to act, just my voice instead. So yeah i was in it, so eat me! :-D
    • Shakespeare's--Love's Labour's Lost---WOOOOO DOGGIES!! This one rocked my world. The best play i've EVER been in. I was a little dissapointed when the cast list came up, but i ended up LOVING my part and realizing how good of a part it is. I was of the 4 main guys. There are 4 main guys and 4 main girls. I dont feel like explaining the plot. It's super damn cool and i loved it a lot. Special recognition goes to my fiance Veronica :-) Luc (Dumaine) Stephen (king) Nathan (Berowne) chris (costard) and the other nathan (Boyet) of course there are so many more in the show, ok only like 6 more but yeah they all rocked! Great play great cast great director (Janice, go Janice) and great crew of all shapes and colors. Love ya ya, we'll see ya next year!!


      People I wish to Acknowledge

    • Jonathan Larson--1960-1996. The Creator of RENT...We'll miss ya buddy.


    • Jason Bucklin --1981-well he's still alive....... He's just plain awesome!


    My Favorite Web Sites

    Good RENT Site
    place to post mesages about Rent
    my Friend Jason's web site...much better than mine...lots of pictures and some cool links...check it out!!
    good e-mail account.

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