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The Video Game Summit is Chicago's premier video game trade show.
Thanks to all who came to make this year show a huge success (Vendors,VGS Staff,the people at the Odeum and especially the Attendees,with out you there wouldn't be a VGS).

We won't know the next date of the show until around December,as we have figure the right date so we don't overlap other shows,this years show was over lapping two others(CAX and GamersFest).

Also around 12/13/17 we will be closing this site for while,as we prepare to move to go daddy and relaunch our wordpress site and a more mobile friendly basic site.

We will hold our annual State of VGS address on 8/19/2017 around 11am Central at AVC NEWS at where I would discuss where we stand and possible changes for 2018,we will be heading back to Odeum but no date is set.