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How to submit your files.

Files should be supplied as Hi Res PDFS, TIFFS or JPEGS. Minimum output at full image size 120dpi except for Economy 760 where we prefer a higher resolution of 250dpi.

Economy Roller Banner

Graphic area 2065x760

Visible area 2000x760

Hidden areas (bleed) 15mm top 50mm base

Popular Roller Banner

Graphic area 2165x800

Visible area 2100x800

Hidden areas (bleed) 15mm top 50mm base

Light Duty Roller Banner

Graphic area 2045x850

Visible area 2000x850

Hidden areas (bleed) 15mm top 30mm base

Prestige Roller Banner

Graphic area 2150x600/800/1000/1200/1500

Visible area 2100x600/800/1000/1200/1500

Hidden areas (bleed) 50mm base only

Supreme Roller Banner

Viewable graphic area 2130 x 800mm.

Please supply file with 15mm bleed at top and 100mm bleed at bottom.

Desktop Roller Banner

This holds an A4 output.

Sales Point Banner

Viewable graphic area 2500 x 850.

Please supply file with 15mm bleed at top and 100mm bleed at bottom.

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