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Troop 440 Uniform Policies

    The following are uniform policies that have been established by the Troop Committee.  Unless otherwise instructed or advised by the leadership of the Troop, these policies are what is expected of the Scouts (and Leaders) of Troop 440:

  1. It is the policy of Troop 440 to wear Class "A" uniforms for regular Troop meetings.  From time to time the leadership will make the decision to wear Class "B" such as during the hot summer months, a fun day, or maybe a scout house clean-up day.  If no announcement has be given approving Class "B" uniforms, then the appropriate uniform is Class "A".

  2. It is the policy of Troop 440 to wear Class "A" uniforms for "Courts of Honor" and "Eagle Ceremonies" or any other type of official BSA ceremony.

  3. It is the policy of Troop 440 to wear Class "A" uniforms during the Church service held on Sunday mornings of our camp outs.  From time to time this may be changed based on the decision of the leadership (scoutmaster) based on the conditions of the camp out.  There will be an announcement of this change prior to the camp out.

  4. If in doubt as to what is the appropriate uniform for the occasion, you can either call and find out, or just show up in Class "A" with a Class "B" shirt on under the Class "A".  Then you will be "prepared" for whichever is appropriate.

  5. No matter what uniform is being worn for the regular Troop meeting, you always need to be Class "A" for Scoutmaster Conferences and for Boards of Review.  No Exceptions.

  6. According to the minutes from the Committee meeting 2-7-01, unless indicated by the leadership (scoutmaster), if you are not in the appropriate uniform, you will not be allowed to participate in whatever is going on during that meeting.  This includes advancements, merit badges, fun activities, voting and preparation for upcoming camp outs.  If you are not involved in the prep for a camp out you can not attend the camp out without the approval of the Scoutmaster.  This goes along with the same theory as if you attend a sporting type activity (soccer, baseball, football, karate, etc) on game day and you are out of uniform.  You are not allowed to participate in the game and must sit out.  If you know that you will be at some other activity prior to the scout meeting, then plan accordingly.  Bring your scout uniform with you and change like you would if you were going to any other type of activity.

Class "A"

Class "B"

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