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                   BSA TROOP 440 Overnight Pass

Camping Location: ___________________  Date (s): ______________

Scout house Departure: ________________    Return: _____________

                    Parents should not leave before the Troop leaves!!!!
Clothing Requirements

         Class "A" uniform

         Appropriate clothing (Class "B" t-shirts only) and gear for 2 days

         tent, sleeping bag, poncho, bug repellent, flashlight, mess kit, etc.

         Pack in backpack unless otherwise instructed at planning meeting

Food Requirements

         Friday: Dinner before arriving at scout house

         Saturday    __________________________

         Sunday _____________________________

These are minimum requirements and scouts should be fully aware of conditions and be prepared.

Note: If there are any type of behavior problems, you will be called to come pick up!!!

Keep for your records_______________________________________________________________________

Return with scout by due date with any necessary fees.                Amount Paid $_________

_________________________________              _____________________________________

       Scout                                                                          Parent/Guardian signature

The health history that I have provided the Troop is correct as far as I know, and the person herein described has permission to engage in all prescribed activities, except as noted by me.  In the event of illness or accident in the course of such activity, I request that measures be instituted without delay as the judgment of the medical personnel dictates.    

Date ______________________________             Phone number (s)   


Parents should not leave before Troop leaves!!       (Cell)____________________ 

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