My life history for those that think i am a whimp 7/8/2001 many people often think i am a whimp when i talk aobut all the crap i have gone thru. but i never tell them specifics, well now i am so stop caling me a whimp and imgaine this k-life was fun had lots of friends, no problems here 1st same exept this one dude, but who cares, i was "the most popular kid" 2nd same deal until i moved (this is were it gets bad) there was this kid, that made fun of new kids, and his gang (witch happen to be (luckily) the whole class actualy both clases) so i was made fun of constaly for everything no new kids came the rest of that year, so guess what i was still the new kid getting bashed 3rd-5th guess what i was still bashed exept now i am going to tell you what they said one day i counted 27 insults from a person in 5 minutes, the closest i was to that perosn was about 30 feet for 3 seconds. hmm interesting. I counted 128 in 1 15 period 128 think about that 128 ... and i got a lot of stupid crap, like "you suck cuz of your clothes" even thought i was wearing the same brand he was, ohh this is good, for val. day i gave everyone something i can't remember they gave them all back everything i did was mocked, i once sneezed and my head went forward a bit and they thought i was doing this dance so they added on and made me look like a idiot for a few months. just a lot of crap like this for 4 years. BUT NOW yeah i skipped 6th grade!! get away from those bastards. No one knew me in middle schol but guess what, in 2 weeks a rumor got out that i didn't know what a condom was! omg! so guess what a week later no one would talk to me. there was a new bully with his gang (about30 people) that did the same as the other guy, they would bash me on the bus for everything i did all kinds of harasment. i was made fun of by the 8th graders know why because i got a higher score then they did an a algebra test. how low is that? the rest of 7th was basicaly everyone bashing me and no one giving me a chance exept for 1 person She didn't know me at all her name is Emily Stark, she doesn't know how much she helped me but she did. If you ever read this emily thanks. you have no idea how thankfull i am. in 8th grade the same stuff happened. i was bashed byt the bus kids, but i moved again across town so guess what i was bashed by those people too ohh yeah. There was this kid that threten to kill me actulay 5 people did got punched a lot. they made me see the school shrink. LOL like he was gonna do anything, a couple weeks before i went to a diferenst shrink, i told him everything that goes on in my life, on my wa out i heard him mumble "depressing" omg a shrink (the peopel that hear the most depressing stories in the world) said my life was.... DEPRESSING. so 8th grade went on, i now learned how to ignore people. at the end of there year there was this dance. In the mourning at school before, people walked around iwth cards for about 10 mintues asking people to dance and then would sign eachothers cards. I asked a few people, none said yes, then it was time for girls to ask guys, 1 minute left, still no one asked, then someome yelled my name and i didn't look, didn't think it was me, she yelled it agian, i turned and a girl came *parting the boys gathered around her* and asked ME to dance. Out of the whole school she chose me. If you guessed it was Emily again you are right. So i was happy. But when i got back to class people were like ohh tims here how many people asked you tim? now you may think i was bragging about emily cuz she was popular, but i didn't i had integrity, i didn't want to do that to her. so what did i do, i pretended that no one asked me, but still only 1 did so i was pretty hurt. so i burst out of the room, 2 teachers then talked ot me, one (the coolest teacher in the world) mr van slike stormed back into the room, and told them what i wanted someone to say for a long time, in the meanest way possible he said cut that crap out, dang they shut up fast, i was still talkeing to the other teacher but i heard him from about 300 feet away. the other teacher (actualy asistant principle talked to me and i told her why i was upset, and she said then and there, that they would no longer sign cards for the formal, no more cards, i am under impression that this is the way it still is, not sure though, i hope they stopped it. but anyways,, the dance came, and i found a few peopel to dance with but it doesn't matter. 9th- wow highschool how cool, guess what BASHED AGAIN just like the same way, exept less so not to bad i actualy got friends sot hat was kewl but i still have a lot of hurt full things here is my list to the best of my recolection Last time i went to a sleep over: 4 years ago Last time i went to a b-day party:5 yeras ago Last time i was asked out: NEVER Last time i was treted with more respect then anyone else there: NEVER Last time someone understood me aobut this: NEVER Last time i was treated = : NEVER .. i could go on.. but i don't want to i think u get the idea ~Ghetto t
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