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The Battle Of Midway Island
On June 4th, 1942, America was being attacked by Japan at Midway. The raids were devistating, more than half of the American planes were shot down and the airstrips bombed. The Japanese were considering another attack, But American bombers had found the carriers. They launched torpedoes but the quick carriers easily dodged them. The Japanese Zeros quickly shot down the bombers. Later, the fighters on the planes were switching their bombs with torpedoes, when a group of bombers found them, they launched their torepedoes as well but they all missed. The Japanese quickly lauched their Zeros and engaged the American planes. At the same time a group of dive bombers flying at 20,000 feet found the carriers and dropped there bombs, three of the four Japanese carriers were destroyed and the fourth damaged. Never again would Japan have the naval strength to engage the enemy far from home. Never again would Japan move so aggressively.