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Faery Sightings

Faery sightings fall into two categories. Either the humanoid figures are about four feet tall, or they are less than two feet tall. In the former case, the sightings are of the Fae Rhy or of their Athenian relatives, and these are human beings whose legends are the subject of this website. In the latter case, the sightings are of something different, something of which we have little evidence and no direct proof. I will therefore not comment upon whether the objects of these sightings are real, but I will tell you that they are not Fae Rhy.

Some people say that they are sightings of Ancient Ones from Mesopotamian mythology. Among the Ancient Ones there are fifty Elders, of whom seven are Commanders, and one of these seven is their Supreme Commander. There are also servants whom we understand to be angels. The rest of the Ancient Ones are workers. When the workers rebelled there were six hundred survivors, half of whom were pardoned and remained on Earth.

Humans were created by Ea the All Wise, one of the Commanders, to replace the workers who had rebelled. Long afterward, when humans had outlived their usefulness, the arch-deity El decided that they must be flooded out. Ea's intervention saved the family of Noah in a paternal act of mercy for which we should all be grateful. When the Elders departed, They left the humans on Earth. Some folkloric sources claim that They left exiled angels underground, but the Fae are too small to be angels.

According to the Bible, the Ancient Ones can appear or disappear. They come from the sky and travel in flying 'chariots of fire' which also can disappear. They resemble humans in form, and include two types which seem to be of different species, one birdlike and the other reptilian. Some people believe that the Ancient Ones exist, and others do not.

The Fae adored a Member of the Heavenly Host named Inanna. Because they referred to Her as 'The Mother' (of 'The Son' Pharaon, with whom they apparently had contact), and because they were small, quiet people who could not be seen or heard in the forest, later arrivals in northern Europe confused them with supernatural beings and referred to them as 'elves'.
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