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Lane: It's Time For Me to Move On
Disc, April 1973
Ronnie Lane has left the Faces. And the shock news comes on the eve of the band's proposed London concerts at Edmonton next month.
The Faces are looking for a replacement bass guitarist, although Lane has intimated that if one cannot be found in time... he will appear with them at Edmonton June 1/3/4, the start of their European tour.
Ronnie, a founder-member of the Small Faces, formed the current line-up with colleagues Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan in late 1969; with the addition of Ron Wood and singer Rod Stewart.
A friend of the Faces told Disc: "Ronnie doesn't have any real musical plans at the moment. He's a bit of a gypsy, and just got fed up with dressing-up and going on stage." There have also been rumours of professional friction within the Faces. Rod Stewart criticism of the band's last album "Ooh La La" could be construed as comment about Lane's songs.
"I think they got a bit fed up with some of the music he laid on them. Rod would even prefer to record other people's material at times. Although, as a writer, Ronnie feels the Faces are as good an outlet for his songs as anyone else."
Lane absent from the Faces' appearance at last week's party to launch the new GM record label, run by the group's manager, Bill Gaff, has always been the least affected by their phenomenal fame and fortune.
On a recent American tour he travelled by Land Rover with his family, while his colleagues went by private jet and limousines.
Prior to leaving for a holiday in France, Ronnie Lane told Disc: "It's time for me to move on. I fell the need for a change."
He will be making a fuller statement on his future plans on his return.
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