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November 15, 2004

name: john cotterill
Just to say roll on babe and the poacher are the best two songs ever

October 29, 2004

name: Mark Burge
Hello everyone. I just received a specially commissioned
painting of Ronnie done by Jon Langford (of the Mekons, Waco Brothers, etc.).
It's truly beautiful. The gallery owner even sent me an email yesterday saying
that Ian McLagan had come into the gallery (in Austin) to see it and thought it
was great.


October 22, 2004

name: Jim Magee
Whenever anyone asks me what the best concert I ever saw was, I
answer: Ronnie Lane at the Rainbow. I don't even have to think about that

It was back in the spring of 1981, and the concert was held on a stage which had
been set up in the entry way of the Rainbow! It was the only concert I've ever
been to where none of the audience even budged toward the exit - even after
about 5 encores! Ronnie Lane had been drinking heavily during the show
(probably for pain), and he finally just couldn't continue to perform. The
Rainbow management finally came out and pleaded with us to leave. I have never
been to a concert like that, before or since, where such a strong bond was
established between the performer and the audience. I'm sure we would have all
gone home with him if he had asked! (Does anybody else out there remember
that concert??)

September 29, 2004

name: Rob Georgia
I know that reportedly Ronnie Lane suffered from a medical condition that is personally all too familiar to me. That is Multiple Sclerosis! I always enjoyed his music, and he will always live in my memory...
Rob Georgia

September 11, 2004

name: Alan Bacon
Not been on net for long but knew that there must have been a site
out there for such a brilliant musician. i had already worked out a few of the
songs from ronnies albums the chords site has been great to look at. Now i can
add a few more of his songs to my play list and help educate some of the budding
players today. I always felt that Ronnie never got the credit he deserved for
his talent over the years. his songs were honest, about life, and a great
comfort to people who took the time to listen and appreciate his music. the
simplicity of the songs gave them there appeal to his fans, his mastery of
melody and harmony are first rate irrespective of who he was playing with (just
listen to all his contributions to the Faces list). His solo material in
particular is brilliant. thanks for a great web site hope it continues and
Alan Bacon

July 23, 2004

I have lots and lots of very fond memories of Ronnie/Slim Chance
his family and friends famous and non.

Ronnie was a very close friend of my family from when he lived at Fishpool. I
was only 11years of age at the time but can remember it as if it was yesterday.

Ronnie spent a lot of time at my mothers house as she was an Antique dealer and
Ronnie and Kate had lots of interests in Antiques and also my brother was a
Hairdresser and would cut Ronnie and families hair!

If Ronnie wasnt at our house then we would be up at his!!

I was given by Ronnie and will get rid of the very first vinyl single cut of the
"Poacher" to come off the line and also the album which was Ronnies own first
cut off the line of "Anymore for Anymore" both of these Ronnie signed.

I could go on for hours about the memories i have of the times spent with Ronnie
but those i leave as my memories to share with friends and reminisce with family
over as i have 3 much older brothers who where more ronnies age!! but i wont
forget the time i played my drum kit with ronnie on guitar!


May 12, 2004

name: Clovis McTell

Thought you might be interested in this.
The last track is a bit of a tribute to Ronnie Lane.

Release date: May 10, 2004
Available for free download from Lynn Point Records:

Contrary Blues is an EP by Knoxville songwriter Chris Pelton. Chris has played
solo and in local bands (including Green Howlers, the Fort Marxmen, and Cold
Pony) since the 1980s. These tracks were recorded by Don Coffey Jr. at the
former Stealth Studio as part of an attempt to finally get a few of Chris' songs
on tape. Some of Knoxville's finest musicians helped out at the sessions
including brother Chad Pelton (mandolins and singing), John Davis (steel
guitar), Peg Hambright (fiddle and accordian), Scott Carpenter (guitar), and
John Wright (bass).

The basic vocal and guitar tracks were recorded live in 1-2 takes over two
nights in November 2002. Additional tracks were laid down in early 2003. Drink
was taken.

It's not exactly blues, but it is contrary.


Track listing:
1. Springtime Greens
2. Streets of Knoxville
3. Saint Joan
4. Jack-O-Lantern
5. Flat Tire Slapping
6. Don't You Follow Me Down
7. You and Me and Ronnie Lane




May 3, 2004

name: Mauro

What can a humble blues keyboard/harp/guitar player say, to
honour such a great artist? Ronnie Lane is the man who keeps me alive during
stormy times... I´m an Sardinian volunteer in Germany, and I don´t have so many
plans for my life, except enjoy it peacefully till the end. In my island I have
a r´n´r band and I had the big honour to sing "Debris" a couple of times...
Long live the soul and memory of the man!


March 2, 2004

name: Katie
It is too bad that Ronnie left us so soon...I found out by accident
while flipping through one of my Rock and Roll encyclopedias that he had MS. I
was going to add his picture to my celebrity portion of MS Celebrities, and then
I checked a more up-to-date edition and that's when I found out he died in 1997.
I, too, have MS, and it saddened me to hear I could not have paid tribute to him
sooner, when he was living. In his honor, I will set up a portion of my MS page
in honor and in memory of Ronnie Lane. I will give your site promotion through
my Links Page. My website is:


February 6, 2004

name: Bruce Henaut
Ronnie was a class act and will be greatly missed. In the early seventies he was my favourite Bass guitarist. I lost my father to MS in 1970 hopefully someday they will find a cure.

February 4, 2004

name: tarquin campbell
Love all Ronnie Lane's stuff - but most of all - the records he made
after the faces- "Slim Chance" etc. Met Charlie Hart recently and he told me
there was another tribute gig coming up this year in england


January 2, 2004

name: jim creek
Amelia Earhardt is my favourite record of all time. It was also a favourite of my mums, she recently passed away, so we all sang it at her funeral.

God bless ya Ronnie. You are one man I would like to have met.


October 29, 2003

Speaking of lyrics, for "Nobody's Listening" you have the line: "You must have heard of Pilot/He washed his hands/He washed his hands the best he could..." The "pilot" he is referring to is Pontius Pilate from the New Testament.

October 19, 2003

I was working on a building site while How Come was in the
charts. Being pretty useless at most things I was relegated to sweeping-up
duties: we had almost completed a school and the concrete floorrs needed
sweeping over and over again. There was a lad working as a painter and decorator
and thew two of us had absolutely nothing in common apart froma mutual liking of
this song. Every time Iwe bumped into each other we'd burst out into "they've
even broken up my broom" and fall about laughing. That's just one of the many
reasons I love the music of Ronnie Lane.


October 18, 2003

First time visit to this site, and it feels a little bit like
visiting ronnies grave, in the way you come just to pay respect to someone who
you felt like you knew but didnt know who the hell you were. I first met ronnie
lane at sheffield city hall in 1971 on a night that i will never forget but he
probably never remembered. My first proper rock concert and i had to be home for
10pm, but the faces hadnt even left the hotel by then. when they shambled on
stage an hour after that i was lost, and i just loved ron in that barrow boy
look n that huge base guitar that he looked like he could hardly hold up. Our
paths crossed so many times after that, in all the directions his music took
him, and the directions that his music took me. More than anything else ron will
be the music i grew up with, the music that influenced me that made me laugh and
made me cry, or perhaps the music that was playing while i laughed and cried. I
listened to how come again for the first ti!
me in a long time, and it just made me smile inside. thanks ron.

July 29, 2003

name: P.Dunning

What a strange few days. First I watch a Small Faces video and
become facinated by Ronnie Lane. To be honest, I wasn't aware of him before but
watching him perform had me intrigued. There was an obvious joy radiating from
him when he played. On the 'Itchikoo Park' video there is a moment where he
plays a few heavenly notes against Steve Marriot's singing that makes me think
of the word 'sublime'. Then I did a little research only to find he has passed
away and I feel very sad. I don't live too far from his last place of residence.


3 June, 2003

name: Rebecca

I met Ronnie in the early 90's through a mutual friend while I was
living In Austin, TX. What a blessing. His body was ravaged due to MS, but his
spirit and talent soared! He touched my soul beyond words. I can hear his
musical influence even today. God bless you, Ronnie Lane!
from Dan's Rebecca


3 June, 2003

name: Simon Christopher

Nothing major here guys and gels! I just want to say that i love
Ronnie Lane. Pure and simple - just like the man himself.

20 May, 2003

name: Colin Mair

I'm in the process of moving to my (first)own home! In the wake
of it all...a year or so ago I misplaced my copy of "Lucky Seven" that came with
the boxed set. It's been driving me nuts the whole time wondering where it
might be. Well I found it tonight with the move and all. I'm playing it over
and over. Each time it makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up more.
Honestly, I am lucky to have this CD. Thank you Ronnie.

Also I am a solid donor to the MS Society of Canada in Ronnies name. Keep
playing the jive to keep the name and music alive!

Take good care all...Colin.


6 May, 2003

name: norman skeoch

Met Ronnie in Bath about 1975 ish, Thought nice bloke. Said he would
check out my band,Which he did at the Berni Royal Hotel in Bath, sadly he was to
late for a drink, but the Travelling Show will live on forever.....I thought that
I would be on the same stage (he wanted local bands) but the memory is still
good. Now, Stevie Marriott, what a spitter.


20 April, 2003

name: Alan Costin

Thought I would let people know about my band.The band is called
2Ronnies and we play music from the careers of Ronnie Lane & Ronnie Wood.
We are London based and our set contains Small Faces,Faces,Slim Chance,Rod
Stewart and Stones songs.

Check out our website


22 November, 2002

name: anonymous

Loved Ronnies music in every project that he dare immerse himself
in.Being a big beatles fan i truly believe that that the small faces should have
been up there with them .Only because of the media exploitation of the scousers
and the poor management of the small ones left them in the shadow of many bands
of that time.But the music still stands the test of time which says it all
and it is still influencing new bands of today.One to speak of is THE CRESCENT
quite unbelieveable the resemblance of the voice of their singer to steve
marriot.Anyway i came on here to sing the praises of Ronnie which is totally
justified.I truly believe the guy was touching genius as he wrote some fantastic
songs.If i really had to choose one i think that it would have to be Debris
the guy just seemed to open his soul for this song, for his father,and to us
all.Which i am totally grateful to be able to have this song change my views
on my own situation. Miss you badly Ronnie long may you rest in peace.