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Army of the Giants

A wide angle shot shows thousands of giants in the same kind of armour as the Faery. They are both men and women, and the latter wear their armour over their regular women's clothing, even keeping their long skirts with the leg guards underneath. All wear fur hats which circle their heads. The leather underneath the fur is slightly peaked in the middle.

The men and women are alternated, marching in tight rows, a huge phalanx, swinging clubs with both hands in time to their marching so that they move as one body. We see this terrible army first from the far end of the plain, overhead, seeing them fill the top third of the screen. Then we see it from the left, close up, as the ranks pass by the camera. Next we see it from below, about forty feet away, approaching the camera. And the whole thing has been accompanied by the steady, low 'Fee Fie Foe Fum!' repeated over and over in unison by the entire giant army, each chant accompanying a rhythmic swing of each warrior's club. The air is filled with volleys of stones and arrows being hurled at the giants' heads. Many giants are hit, but none has fallen yet.

We see no horses –they have all been killed in earlier battles. Faery women are silhouetted at the top of a black mountainside, rolling boulders down through the side of the frame. Next we see the boulders come down through the other side of the frame onto advancing giants, crushing them. We see a club go through the top of the frame onto a Faery head in the middle of the battle. In both of these last shots stones are flying through the air.

We see Faery legs slipping as they rush forward in the red mud, which spatters everyone in scarlet up to the thighs. Faery men thigh deep in blood slip on the gore of the battlefield.

A Faery climbs out of a red puddle, surrounded by other advancing Faery, whips an arrow from his quiver and aims with his bow. A spear sticks into a male giant's chest as he marches beside his fellow warriors amid a shower of stones and arrows. The giant falls forward through the bottom of the frame. We see blood streaked Faery heads with raised arms and clenched fists gesturing as they cheer at the giant's fall, emerging from a small cavern behind a trench as giant legs pass by, bashing Faery bodies on their way.

A Faery picks up spears amid the fray, with frenzied bodies around him. He has a bag of stones slung across his shoulder, for he is also a stone gatherer. The inert bodies of Faery warriors are literally thrown through the air, bombarded by the stones raining down on the giants, then bashing into advancing giants or onto the ground.

We see Aodh raise his spear. He wears no helmet, but otherwise he is in full Atlan armour with a purple loincloth and cloak. A quick closeup shows Caithleu in the line of giant warriors, raising a knife. Then we are back to a closeup of Aodh, stabbed in the chest by Caithleu, as he falls.

We see Ogmeu dressed in the same manner as Aodh. He is viewed from the side as he wrestles Indech on the ground. The two are covered in red mud, locked in mortal combat as Ogmeu wrestles to hold Indech's arm, for Indech is holding a wicked looking stone knife. Ogmeu loses to the much larger man, and is fatally stabbed in the chest. A spear hurtles over their heads into Indech's back and the giant collapses over Ogmeu's body.

We see Light behind the lines, struggling with Gwydion, who is trying to hold him back. Light is in armour except for the cap. In the background women carry in wounded, wizards tend to them and the sounds of battle are heard in the distance. Light breaks free of Gwydion, and Gwydion hangs on to his armour, pulling him back with all his might.

Gwydion (desperately): "Wait! I must tell you something! Your mother was adopted! She's Peblig's daughter! Nobody knows but me!"

Light stops and turns to Gwydion.

Light: "What!"

Gwydion tries to catch his breath.

"You let me think– You let her think–"

Gwydion (hurriedly and dejectedly): "There were reasons. There's a prophesy that you're going to kill Peblig."

Light: "Then you'd better let me do it!"

Gwydion: "You can't; you'll never survive."

Light (yells back as he leaves the frame): "You'd let all these people die first?"

Gwydion (wails after Light): "Stop! Wait! I love you!"

Next we see a Faery's head and shoulders in the lower half of the frame, his back to the camera. He has Arthur's iron sword held ready to strike, viewed against the background of Peblig's huge approaching body. A giant is on each side, with spear wielding Faery on both sides of the foreground.

Stones and arrows fly overhead behind Peblig. We look up at him from an extremely low angle as he holds his club over his head and brings it crashing down through the Faery's skull. It is Lludd, and in a closeup we see his face as he falls on his back. He is dying and his head is streaming blood upon the layers that are already on the field. Feet run past him.

This entire sequence of shots is accompanied by the steady 'Fee Fie Foe Fum!' of the giants, the cries of pain and rage, the thunder of thousands of feet and the sound of tiny bodies being crushed on impact. We hear also the ominously increasing sound of a wind gathering over the plain. It is a lonely, eerie sound, rhythmical and accompanied by a roll of kettle drums.

Next we see Light rushing into mid range through the side of the frame, silhouetted in the hellish light. The foreground is taken up by Faery moving away from the camera toward the enemy. Behind Light, giants swing their clubs in a shower of stones and arrows, sending Faery bodies flying through the air.

Light is standing on a giant's body, the better to see, and his head and shoulders are visible above his fellow warriors. His arms are gesticulating wildly. He is a crazy man –desperate, frantic, totally beside himself. Behind him is Peblig, flanked by Bres and Ceithleu. Peblig rises huge in the background as he did before he killed Lludd, raising his club.

We hear Light's voice screaming hysterically above the sound of battle. He has totally lost his senses. He has no idea of danger or of the futility of his actions. He has no weapon. He has no helmet. He is out of his mind with grief. And he waves his arms idiotically as he shrieks, losing his breath a few times as he does so. His hair shines white in the low light, and the vein on his forehead has returned, standing out alarmingly. The orchestrated theme of 'Fear No More' starts up quietly in the background.

Light (shrieks desperately): "You can't do this to people! You can't do this to people!"

He is reduced to babbling. His voice is breaking, but he goes on. We look down at him as he continues in a pathetic frenzy. His face is contorted and his arms flail as the battle rages around him.

Light: "You can't do this! You can't do this!"

We see Peblig in closeup from an extremely low angle, glaring down upon this interruption.

Peblig (roars above the battle): "Who is this little shrimp of a Faery?"

A closeup shows Light fall to his knees in the bloodsoaked muck among the bodies, at Lludd's head, as a spear lands in the red mud beside it. Light's hand lands on the spear and tightens around it. He begins to rise, bringing the spear back until his hand has gone through the top of the frame. Next we return to Peblig's face, seen as before. Peblig's eyes widen as he stares just over the camera.

Peblig: "You're the one! You're my grandson!"

The camera tilts as Peblig bends his knees, lowering himself to Light's level. Now we are looking across at him, not up.

"You wouldn't kill your own grandfather, would you? They'll make you their king! We don't have to do this!"

Peblig glances at the people fighting next to him.

"You and I can work something out."

Light's voice (from out of frame): "Like what you had with Bres?"

Peblig (his face brightening, breaking into a smile): "Yes!"

Immediately that happy, eager face is hit in its good eye by Light's spear. Peblig falls back, blinded, his head receding from view through the bottom of the frame as Faery warriors descend upon him behind the silhouette of Light, standing stunned in centre frame.

Next we see Light standing on Peblig's fallen body so that he is visible from the waist up over the fray in the foreground. He has turned around to face the camera, which is among the Faery warriors. The battle rages behind him. His hair shines very white. His face is wildly intense and his eyes stare. We hear his voice, now strong, over the tumult. He bends over to lift Lludd's bloody sword off the ground –Arthur's sword– and he raises it over his head. The vein stands out on his forehead.

Light (shouts past the camera): "You must fight now, and fight to the death, or your people will be slaves forever!"

There is a sudden roar, the sound of all the Faery who have heard him, shouting in unison, and it grows louder as it is joined by more and more. With this roar the theme of 'Fear No More' becomes a mighty anthem which dominates the rest of the battle scene.

Amid this overwhelming sound we see Light turn and run straight at the giants immediately behind him, slashing first one, then another as they fight the Faery beside them. And we see the Faery in the foreground run en masse away from the camera toward the giants, followed through the bottom of the frame by more Faery.

In a closer shot we see a male giant, from below, with two Faery warriors springing upon him from behind the camera, one on each side. They climb him as they would scale a cliff, each holding onto an arm with their legs walking up the huge body. A third Faery leaps upon the same giant from behind, holding his neck in a full Nelson and hanging, then bringing out his knife to slit the giant's throat. Next we see a giantess with another Faery riding on her back, poking out her eyes. In both of these shots similar attacks are going on in the background; the Faery, with renewed energy, are leaping upon their enemies.

In a wide angle shot the Faery army moves toward the top of the frame until it is filled. The little people run at the enemy, away from the camera, holding spears aloft or sticking them into one giant after another at every possible chance. Arrows fill the air above them, flying at the giants who begin to turn and run, a few at first, but with gathering numbers. The Faery cries do not cease all this time, and become one great cry of a multitude.

A wide angle shot of the plain shows the giants running for their lives toward the background, moving quite clearly as a vast horde toward the far end of the plain. Then from about twenty feet away we see some of the giants from their left side as they run headlong to their ships, with Faery on top of their backs. Even as they run, some of them fall, their throats slit from behind by their Faery riders.

They drag the ships into the water, at least ten on each side, get in hurriedly and paddle with all their might, throwing off their tiny attackers. We see scores of them in different stages of this process, splashing about in the water and going through the left side of the frame. To the rousing refrain of 'Fear No More' we see the last ones leave.

The refrain is repeated quietly on a single harp as an establishing shot shows Light sitting crosslegged on the throne of the High King in Lludd's castle on Atlantis. As the music ends, the distant roar of a crowd is heard. This very faint sound continues through this scene and the next. Light is wearing a plain, unadorned ankle length robe with a boat neck and long loose sleeves. It is made of black leather. The hem of the robe is adorned with a line of beige chevrons. His feet are bare. Over his right shoulder and left hip a narrow leather strap is slung, both ends sewn together, and at the front and middle, on his chest, the cupped circular disc for use with a fire starter's 'firebow' is attached to the leather. He also wears the High King's leather baldric with the sheath for Arthur's sword, which is absent. Since the king's throne has been designed to accommodate giants, Light looks a bit lost on it, especially since his body language spells utter misery.

Herald's voice (from out of frame, announcing clearly): "The Lord Taliesin."

We see Taliesin entering from the hall. He is wearing his wizard's robe and hat, and carries a rectangular sheet of beaten bark. He walks to the centre of the room directly in front of the camera, which looks slightly down at him. We are seeing him from Light's point of view.

Taliesin: "Greetings, your majesty." He bows toward the camera. Then he bows toward Math, who is standing out of frame. "And greetings to Lord Math as well. We've captured Bres, and he's going to teach us the farming methods of the giants before he leaves." There is pointed emphasis on the last word.

"The council wishes to call your attention to the extraordinary courage and loyalty of the new immigrants to Atlantis. Without them we would surely have lost. We have prepared a speech proclaiming our undying gratitude and the love our people will always bear for theirs. It's not too long."

Light's voice (faintly, out of frame): "Nothing would make me happier than to serve them in any way."

Math's voice (out of frame): "One more thing, lord, regarding the new people." There is a pause.

Taliesin (glancing nervously at Math): "Yes, since your paternity has turned out to be healthy, we must suggest that you consider taking one of the Atlan princesses as a wife in the not too distant future."

Herald's voice (clearly, out of frame): "Aodh, son of Aodh, King of the Tuatha de Danaan."

From about fifteen feet away we see the meeting of Light and the younger Aodh, as Taliesin moves out of frame. Both are seen from the side. Aodh, who looks very like his father, walks into the frame assertively. Light approaches more slowly and respectfully through the other side. Aodh nods his head to Light. Light bows low to the Atlan king. We hear their voices across the room. Aodh is dressed exactly as Partholon was. His hair is arranged in the same way, and he wears a purple toga.

Aodh: "I have come to congratulate you."

Light: "So soon after the loss of your father and brother? It was too great a sacrifice of your father's, stepping down. Would you like to be the High King, perhaps?"

Aodh: "Somebody had to lead the army. Lludd had more people. And we have a new home because of it. I think you'll make a very fine king. Perhaps our families can be united at a later date, and that will clear up any discomfort which you may be feeling."

Light (gratefully): "Thank you. We were saddened by the news of your father's death. We will sorely miss Ogmeu as well. Is your palace satisfactory?"

Aodh: "It suits me very well."

Light: "If there's anything I can do for you or for your people, please consider me your humble servant." He is moved by emotion to bare his heart. "The first time our two nations met, the result was the most terrible disaster that ever struck these islands. I pray that this time we can live together in peace and harmony."

Aodh: "We're all Fae Rhy now."

Light (humbly): "We are gratified more than words can say."

Aodh: "You have doubtless heard why the giants invaded."

Light: "Yes, I'll see what I can do for them."

Aodh: "But they attacked us."

Light: "Their people were here first, and shared with us. I'm sure we'll work something out."

Aodh: "Is that why they're surrounding the castle? I was beginning to wonder who had won."

Light: "We didn't win against Elatheu. He never fought us. He's my uncle, and I have much to learn from him."

Aodh: "Well, I'll see you at the coronation. Good day to you all."

He kisses Light three times, once on each cheek and a third time on the first cheek again. Then he turns and walks away in his decisive manner. There is a moment's silence after his charismatic presence has left the room. We see Taliesin from Light's point of view.

Taliesin: "If I may say so, lord, we've come a long way since Partholon's time." His wide mouth smiles with ill concealed pleasure at his accomplishment as he says the next words. "Our new allies have taught me their writing. Have you seen it?"

Light's voice (from out of frame): "All looks the same to me."

Taliesin (taken aback): "Well, ah... it does, rather. I have a report on the battalions." He raises his sheet of beaten bark and reads.

"Willow and Rowan were late. Chestnut and Holly failed us. Broom were ploughed under and Gorse went down fighting. Alder began the attack, and Fir was at the forefront the whole time. Plum and Rose fought with a frenzy, Oak and Dogwood with strength. Ash, Hawthorn, Fern, Birch, Pear and Sea Gorse fought valiantly. Elm stood their ground –you can't budge them." He smiles. "They attacked the enemy on all fronts."

Taliesin looks past the right side of the frame at Math, and his eyes twinkle.

"Did you hear what Cherry were yelling at the giants when they saw it?" He returns to his report.

"I don't know how you'll feel about Raspberry Bush. Their commander had a chance to move behind the enemy, but thought the losses would be too great. Heather wouldn't stop fighting; we all thought they'd lost their minds. They followed the enemy into the water at the end, and chased them right to their ships. They'd have pushed the ships out to sea if the giants hadn't moved faster."

Light's voice (from out of frame): "Thank you. We must reward such courage. But we haven't really confirmed that I can be king."

Taliesin (surprised): "Yes we have." He looks confused.

Math's voice (from out of frame): "Light doesn't believe he deserves to be king."

Taliesin: "Well, you might have told me before I read all this out."

His tone becomes respectful, and he bows toward Light, who is behind the camera.

"Lord, no one could be more deserving. Perhaps good fortune is a burden to you, which it is your duty to accept. Besides, the giants must know that the king represents them, and you are part Volsungr. It's always a good idea to keep them happy." The last sentence is uttered in a particularly nasal tone.

Math's voice (out of frame): "Had we been on better terms, most of the Volsungrs we fought would have allied themselves with us instead of joining Peblig. You know how independent they are. Had there been an opportunity, many would have negotiated."

Taliesin (addressing himself respectfully to Light, who is still behind the camera): "And now if I may leave, lord, I will carry out your wishes."

We see Light in closeup, from above.

Light: "Of course. Thank you."

We hear Taliesin leave the room. Light looks obviously miserable. He leans forward.

Light: "Math.... You must stop this. You know how I came into the world. How can I be any good to it?"

He buries his face in his hands.

Math's voice (from out of frame): "It's not as bad as you thought before. But even if what you're made of is so vile that no one will speak of it, that is not what you are. It's only what you're made of. You can be good as much as anyone, however you were brought into the world. You can do great things. It's your decision. And the people know that. Listen to them. They love you because you saved them. They're calling for you, and they want you to be their king."

Light (still with his face in his hands): "But am I worthy?"

Math's voice (still out of frame): "If you doubt that you deserve to be king, it is only more proof that you'll be a good one. Go to your people."

As Math speaks, Light begins to lift his head timidly out of his hands.

"But first, tell me what you will say at the Stone."

Light (looking upward beyond the camera at Math): "The Fae are of the Fa. And the Fa are children of Iapheth, son of the Ziusudra."

His voice is almost a whisper at the end. As he says the last words he rises, and the camera follows him.

Math's voice (still out of frame, softly): "They are waiting."

Light looks down.

"The magi will be right behind you. The People of Time have a new king."

We see Light and Math appear at the stone doorway to a grand hall in the castle on their way outside. They are in centre frame. Math is wearing a loose robe of royal blue, and over it a finely engraved stiff, seamless and collarless gold cape which reaches no farther than the elbows. He wears also an enormously tall, similarly engraved conical gold hat with very narrow brim, held in place by a chin strap.

Wizards line the walls on both sides of the frame, bowing and curtsying deeply as the two men pass through the hall toward the camera. They are dressed like Math, but with more modest hats no taller than what we have usually seen. Light is in front with Math behind him, and on both sides of Light each wizard he passes sinks to one knee and holds that position, so that the effect passes through the hall from back to front. The camera tracks backward as Light moves toward it. The music for this shot is the tune of a Breton carol sung by Nolwen Montjarret on the 'Be us of Dublin' album. During this shot the tune is played on harp and tin flute.

Outside the castle, the morning is bathed in brilliant white sunlight. We see Light and Math appear at the stone gateway of the palace. They are in centre frame, Light appearing rather timid, Math behind him. Beaming giants are lined up against the wall on either side of the gateway. The roar of the crowd is no longer muffled. Light in particular is bathed in the white radiance of this morning, and remains so throughout the scene. Rhiannon and Manawyddan are behind Math, ready to follow him outside. Manawyddan is dressed like Math. Rhiannon, however, is in a long white shift. Like the men, she wears her hair loose, but without a hat, and she is barefoot. Around her neck are two heavy bone necklaces, the only jewellery we see on a Faery. One necklace is a sort of torc with a long oval clasp at the front. It is imbedded with rows of pearls secured by resin. The other is made from a long, V-shaped rib bone. The long, thick cleft of bone hangs over her chest.

At the sides of the frame we see people joyfully waving brightly coloured ribbons. Most of the men are wounded. Blood shows through bandages and limbs are missing, but their jubilation is undiminished. The tune of the Breton carol is heard as background music, now with soft orchestration. The ambient sound is terrific: the people are shouting en masse, but not in unison.

"Long Live King Light!"

Math lifts his right arm over his head, and his voice is loud and clear above the crowd.

Math: "Long live Light! High King of the Fae Rhy!"

This is met with an explosion of cheering as we look down from Light's point of view at some of the Faery in the crowd wildly gesticulating. From a slightly different angle we look down at some of the Atlans in the crowd, also wildly gesticulating.

Then we see the town all the way to its wall of stone in the background, packed with cheering and waving people who are wild with joy. We see Atlans chanting, 'Fae! Rhy! Fae! Rhy!' As their chant continues we see Prydaan in the crowd chanting, 'Tuatha de Danaan! Tuatha de Danaan!'. We see a Faery woman shouting, 'Elatheu the Just! Elatheu the Just!' while the people behind her join in. The roar of the crowd will not cease until the coronation ceremony begins.

Because there is an entourage of giants on either side of Light the camera must be in front of him. One of the giants –obviously Elatheu– walks to Light and bends down to kiss him on both cheeks. Light hugs him. Elatheu takes his place on Light's left side. The younger Aodh takes his place on Light's right side. Three female giants and two male giants move into place behind them.

The camera tracks backward as we see the procession walking along the main street. On both sides the people's arms are outstretched to Light, who turns his head to thank them, but they do not touch him. His thin, sad face is smiling, but he clearly cannot believe this is happening to him.

The camera moves aside to show the next members of the entourage from one side. These are Math, Rhiannon and Manawyddan, with the wizards behind them in their blue robes with gold capes and hats. Math, Rhiannon and Manawyddan stand side by side, Rhiannon in the middle. Math carries a small jar of polished black stone. Manawyddan carries a box made of polished green stone. A thin line of smoke rises out of the box.

Rhiannon is carefully holding in front of her a thin circular band made of gold. It is Light's crown. On the band is the five pointed star set within and under a downturned crescent moon.

As the magi pass, the next members of the procession come into view. First are members of Aodh's immediate family in purple togas, and following them are his advisors and generals in white togas. After this are many wizards in their blue gowns and brimless hats, and Faery advisors and generals, some in regular dress and some in armour.

The music grows louder and louder. We see the great coronation stone from fifty feet away. A long banner hangs down its length, royal blue with the five pointed star in white, within and under the white crescent moon pointing down. The stone is exactly like the tall coronation stone which remains at Tara to this day. Behind the stone are steps which we cannot see, on which stand six warriors, three along one side and three along the other. They are guarding the double edged iron sword reserved for the reigning king, which is also out of view –the only sword we have seen in the entire film. In front of the coronation stone is a huge flat topped flint boulder, the king's seat.

Without being asked to, the multitude becomes silent. You could hear a pin drop. With unhurried steps Math, Rhiannon, Manawyddan and Light approach the coronation stone through the bottom of the frame. Math is at Light's left and Rhiannon and Manawyddan are at his right, and they move in front of Light to turn and stand in front of the horizontal slab with their backs to it, Rhiannon in the middle.

Light sinks to both knees before them. Then we look down at his small figure from the top of the stone. Slowly, the camera moves sideways in a circle over the figures far below as Rhiannon begins to chant, her voice cutting through the silence. Her voice sounds near even though the camera is far away.

Rhiannon: "Light, son of Gwydion the Chaldee, son of Don, son of Esarg, son of Net, son of Indui, son of Alldui, son of Tat, son of Sera, son of Sre, son of Esre, son of Braimend, son of Rathacht, son of Magog, son of Iapheth, son of Noe the Ziusudra, rise before the magi."

The camera rests beside Light, about ten feet away. He stands up, barely as tall as her shoulders.

Rhiannon: "Peace be with you."

Light: "And with you also."

Rhiannon (lowering to one knee, then returning to standing position): "May the Chaldees of Shem forever serve the children of Iapheth."

Light (returning the obeisance): "May the children of Iapheth forever be grateful."

Rhiannon: "In the name of Daneu Inanneu, Protector of the little people, to whom we were assigned at Babel, I charge you to take the sword of Arthur from the Stone of Destiny, and to rule over the Fae Rhy with compassion and justice for all. Do you take upon yourself this charge?"

Light: "I do."

Rhiannon: "Do you promise to keep the gifts of the fallen angels from passing into the hands of the drinkers of blood?

Light: "I do."

Rhiannon: "Do you promise to protect the Deep Magic, the forbidden Secret of Life that our Lady has given us, from falling into their evil hands?"

Light: "I do."

Rhiannon: "Do you promise to pray for Her restoration to the Elders of the Ancient Ones when they return to the Land of the Two Rivers?"

Light: "I do."

Rhiannon: "So be it, in the name of the Mother, and of the Wife, and of the Daughter, Amen."

As she speaks she makes the sign of the triangle, moving her right hand across her chest. First it moves upward and to her right, then downward to her right, then across to her left. Light does likewise over his own chest.

The camera slowly turns toward the stone which Light approaches. He moves toward his right and goes behind the stone. The camera is slowly raised until it is almost level with the top of the stone, where Light reappears, having climbed the unseen stairs behind. He is seen from the shins up above the six guards, for he is on the top step behind the stone and they are on lower steps, flanking him. He bends down, and with both hands lifts the sword of Arthur from behind the stone, holding it point down in front of him. Then he raises it high, point up, so everyone can see, still holding the hilt with both hands. The combined chants of the multitude begin again with the Breton melody as accompaniment.

Light sheaths the sword and descends behind the stone. We see him reappear at the bottom. He kneels before Manawyddan, who takes a stick of incense out of his box and walks in a circle around the new king, holding the stick near his head. Manawyddan offers the incense to Light, but Light shakes his head. Manawyddan returns the incense to its box and moves to one side.

Now Light kneels before Math, who dips two fingers into his jar and holds them out. Light again shakes his head. Math places his fingers upon the top of the jar and moves to the side opposite Manawyddan.

Next Light kneels before Rhiannon, who places the thin crown upon his head. The other two wizards move toward Light and each of the three places a right hand upon his head in blessing. This they do together, Rhiannon's at the bottom, Manawyddan's placed over hers, and Math's on top.

Light stands up, and appears to be saying his three sentences to them. The three wizards then move back, Rhiannon directly in front of the stone and one man on each side of her. They turn to face the stone as Light walks up to it and rather gingerly sits on the flint slab. Each of the magi sinks to one knee in front of him, head down. We next see Light sitting uncomfortably, still not believing that this has happened to him.

At this point the chanting and the music start to fade, and the quiet notes of 'Gwerz Maro Pont Kalleg' take over, poignantly played on an unaccompanied harp as Light shifts nervously. During the last bars, orchestration completes the sound as the camera zooms out, taking us away from the town, its stone wall shining in the white sunlight against the dark green of the virgin forest. We see more and more of the emerald isle with sapphire sea on the right side of the frame. The sunlight sparkles on the water. The shot fades to white, as mist moves in to fill the frame.

As we stare at the swirling mist a slow rumbling is heard, like something immensely powerful a great distance away. It becomes louder until it is a roar, the roar of a deluge, something of indescribable size. Through the mist we see that it is a tidal wave.

photo of Moytura courtesy Martin Byrne
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