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Adopt, Adapt, Improve

Our Objectives


To develop friendships across a wide spectrum of business interests for men aged  between 18 and 45.

To serve the local community by:
         (a)        Undertaking local projects that benefit individuals or the community at large
         (b)        Fund raising to enable us to purchase specific items for people in need
         (c)        Assisting other local charitable/service organisations in their projects.

 To maintain high standards in all business, social and community dealings.

To recognise that all legitimate occupations play an important part in our community and   to equip our members to meet the challenges required of them in business life.

To help establish peace and good will in international relationships.

To meet the above objectives through:
          (a)        Trying new activities and sports;
          (b)        Meeting new people and networking;
          (c)        Sharing varied and new experiences;
          (d)        Enjoyable community projects such as the Christmas Collections
          (e)        Most of all, having a good time.


  Elitist.  Any man between the ages of 18 and 45 can join Round Table, regardless of  his occupation - so long as it is legitimate

  Sectarian.  Any man between the ages of 18 and 45 can join Round Table, regardless of his colour, creed or religion.

Party Political.  Whilst from time to time Round Table may lobby Members of Parliament to try to influence local and national situations, we have no political affiliation nor do we make any donations to political parties.

Sexist.  Whilst Round Table is an organisation for young men, we do have a sister organisation, Ladies Circle, which has similar objectives.  Ladies Circle is open to any lady aged between 18 and 45.

Secret.  Round Table is an open organisation.  There arenít any funny handshakes,           initiation ceremonies or secret registers.         

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