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New Discipline
Though most believe that the Tremere and their Thaumaturgy represent the only path to the ability to fly without the aid of wings, there are a few Caitiff who know otherwise. Those Kindred who posses this power (and there are VERY few) may soar through the night skies without transforming themselves into other forms. Needless to say, the use of such power in front of mortals is a serious infraction of the Tradition of Masquerade and to do so, especially in a Camarilla controlled city, would most likely spell certain doom!
System: Each level of this Discipline allows the Kindred to fly. The Kindred must burn one blood point per hour or scene that he uses this discipline. The speed in which the Kindred may travel is determined by multiplying his running speed by a modifier based on the level he possesses this discipline at.

Level 1: x 1.5
Level 2: x 2.0
Level 3: x 2.5
Level 4: x 3.0
Level 5: x 3.5

Additionally, his level in the discipline determines the weight that the Kindred may carry aloft. At levels one and 2, the Kindred my only carry as much as his unmodified Strength. At levels 3 and 4, the kindred may carry weights equal to his Strength and Potence. At level 5, the Kindred may carry weights equal to his blood modified Strength and Potence (e.g., a Kindred with level 4 Ascendancy, a 2 Strength and a Potence of 1 may carry weights equal to Strength 3 on the “Lifting/Breaking [Strength]” chart (V:tM-3rd pg. 202). He would not be able to lift heavier weights by raising his Strength with blood until he achieved level five in this discipline).
Level 6 Protean:
Duo Dimensionality
A vampire possessing this power may become almost infinitely thin, passing through paper-thin cracks and crevices. He also becomes extremely difficult to see or harm as he effectively has only two dimensions.
System: There is no roll required to use this power but the vampire must spend 5 blood points. The transformation takes 3 rounds, minus one per extra blood spent. In this form, the vampire may pass through the thinnest cracks and crevasses. In combat, all incoming attack successes are reduced by one-third of their total; damage successes are reduced by one third as well.

Level 6 Protean:
Wings of the Bat:
With this power, a vampire may grow large, bat like wings from her back, approximately from the shoulder blades, which she can use to fly.
System: The vampire must burn two blood points and the wings take a turn to grow. If she spends an extra blood, the wings grow instantly. Flight speed is based on the vampire’s running speed x 1.5. These wings last for one scene.

Level 6 Vicissitude:
Absorb Entity Stamina + Brawl, Difficulty 7
By touching a victim, a Kindred with this power may draw another into his body, transforming him into a huge, hulking war machine. In the early days of the Tremere – Tzimisce conflict, this power was used to devastate Tremere forces. After several such loses, the Tremere made a point to hunt & destroy any Kindred who possessed this power. This combined with the Black Hand’s hunt for “corrupt” Tzimisce makes this power almost unknown…almost!
System: By touching someone and spending a blood point, the Kindred draws the being’s body into his own. Each absorbed being gives the Kindred 5 extra health levels and +1 Strength and Stamina. The Kindred also gains access to the blood pool of the beings absorbed. The absorbing Kindred’s player must make a Stamina + Brawl, Difficulty 7 roll. Supernatural beings may resist this power by making an opposed Stamina + (Fortitude, etc.) roll. The Kindred using this power may expel beings he has absorbed at will. Any being whose 5 health levels are used or whose blood pool is exhausted is automatically expelled (dead or in torpor) from the Kindred’s body. The Kindred decides who takes damage (himself or a being he has absorbed) when he is attacked.

Multi-Discipline Powers
Telepathic Link (Dominate 4, Auspex 4)
Anyone who drinks the blood of a Vampire with this power is joined in a mental bond with the vampire. Through this link, the Vampire may use any of the victims senses as if they were his own, seeing, hearing, etc. all that the victim does. This link is useless during the few moments before and after sunset and sunrise. It should be noted that this is a true telepathic link. If the victim is hypnotized, the hypnotist may cause the victim to reveal what the Vampire is seeing, hearing, etc. There is little chance that the Vampire will be aware that this is happening. This link remains as long as the vampire uses it. If he ceases to do so, the link fades by one success per week until it is gone. A new link can be established if the victim once again tastes the vampires blood but the rolls must be made again.
System: The Vampires player rolls Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty equals the victims Willpower, modified by –1 for each different night that the victim has tasted the vampires blood to a maximum of –3. Whenever the vampire (or the victim) tries to gain information through the link, they must make a Perception + Alertness roll, difficulty of 9 minus the others Perception. The number of success on the initial roll to establish link determines the maximum number of dice useable in this die pool.