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All of SesquIQ's pages have been updated and placed at SesquIQ Archives. The archives are ad-free.

"The strongest indicator of real-world intelligence is an individual's ability to consciously discern sensorial perceptions. It is not the perception that marks a quality of mind, but rather it is the manner of which the mind is used. The measuring of olfactory perception is one of the few methods of accurately illustrating intellectual ability." The Olfactory Perception page has been updated to include information from the SesquIQ SQ test results.

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October 27, 2013

Please visit the SesquIQ Archives where most of the pages have been recently updated.

SQ graph

As the current results show on the Sensory Research Project page, 99.4% of participants scored a 100 SQ, and .6% scored a 115 SQ. The actual percentile rankings of the recent project's results are of course slightly skewed due to many of the participants being of a higher quality than the general unselected public, but the skewing is infinitesimally insignificant since the results did not approach the limits of pre-established norms. Nevertheless, the results were useful in their supporting the conclusions of previous projects: none of the projects' data varies more than .01%.

All email replies have been sent. Many of the emails were returned as undeliverable.

I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the research projects. You are special people for having given of yourself to help someone else. Know that you are appreciated. - Larry Gowdy

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