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Roger Evans, MA


About Roger Evans

Roger Evans was born and bred in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset, UK. Educated at Eastover Junior School, he progressed to Dr. Morgan's Grammer School for Boys ,for which he is a founder of the Dr. Morgan’s Association. Most of his working career was spent with Courtaulds as Information Technology Manager before running his own management consultancy business. He now spends his time concentrating on local history, producing a number of books and delivering talks on a range of local topics.

Roger’s interest in all things to do with Bridgwater and Somerset remain his overwhelming passion. This was reflected in 1970 when at the age of 22 he was elected to serve as the youngest ever councillor for the old Borough of Bridgwater.

In more recent times his interest is reflected in his books on Bridgwater and Somerset topics. He has also worked with the BBC, HTV and a number of TV film companies in producing documentaries and educational films on local topics. His 1996 lecture tour of 8 Bridgewaters in the US earned him the coveted Bridgwater Cup, awarded to the organisation or individual deemed to have made the greatest contribution to the town in the previous year.

Roger now serves as chairman of the Bridgwater and District Civic Society which he somehow manages to fit in between his authoring and lecturing activities. As a former chairman of Bridgwater Carnival, he now serves as one of their senior judges and works with many members of the carnival community in helping them to achieve formal qualifications in the performing arts and craft skills.


Roger now has a number of successful publications to his name including “Bridgwater with and without the ‘e’” , “Forgotten Heroes of Bridgwater”, ‘Somerset in the Footsteps of Coleridge and Wordsworth’. Future publications include ‘Somerset Stories of the Supernatural’ (October 2001, Countryside Books) and ‘Landscapes of Somerset’ (2002, Countryside Books). New titles under development are 'Bridgwater in Poem and Song’ and ‘Blame it on the Cider’.


Roger also offers a range of talks without illustrations such as ‘Blame it on the Cider’, ‘Forgotten Heroes’, ‘Somerset in the Footsteps of Coleridge and Wordsworth’ and ‘Somerset Ghost Stories’ plus illustrated talks including ‘Tales of Old Bridgwater’, ‘Carnivals past and present’, ‘Sydenham Manor House’ and ‘Fairs and Markets’.