Aaron Woodley

Toronto native Aaron Woodley is a multitalented writer, director and animator who brings a dark style and incisive wit to his films. He began studying animation film at age 7, and later pursued his interest in film at Toronto's York University. He spent seven years honing his animation skills under the tutelage of Academy Award-winning animator Eugene Fedorenko, and at only 30 years of age, has an impressive list of credits to his name. He produced 15 animated shorts with Fedorenko before launching into live-action shorts. In addition to his many award-winning short films, Aaron is an accomplished editor, having received two Gemini nominations (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy) for his editing.

Aaron's work has been screened across the globe. Directing credits include: "The Wager" (1998, 19 min), "Pipe Dreams" (1994, 23 min), "Bed & Breakfast" (2000, 24 min) and "Downpour" (2000, 8 min). He has received awards from the Palm Springs Shorts Film Festival and the Toronto Worldwide Shorts Film Festival among many others, and his work has been distributed worldwide.

Madstone Films* is a new breed of film studio, founded by Tom Gruenberg and Chip Seelig, presenting a unique approach to the independent filmmaking process. They tap the world’s most talented emerging directors and provide them with the collective experience, financial stability and creative resources to bring their visions to the screen. Each individual is provided with an office, put under contract for $50,000 a year and given a budget of $500,000 up to $1.5 million to create a film. Aaron is part of the inaugural group of Madstone Directors, with his debut project "Rhinoceros Eyes" which world premiered and won the Discovery Program Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2003.

* NOTE: Madstone has closed its operations as of June 1, 2004


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