Gale Harold is FBI agent Graham Kelton, working alongside partner Lin Mei (played by Ming Na) to uncover clues in the disappearance of Sara Collins, wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. As the case unfolds, a bigger mystery unravels. Itís a centuries-old conspiracy that could threaten the course of history.

Otto Premingerís 1944 classic film "Laura," in which a detective falls in love with a woman while investigating her murder, was an inspiration for the producers of Vanished. There are indications in the film that the story is something of a dream or a myth, which helps explain its impact and the way it moves beyond the standard murder mystery.

In VANISHED, nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret. And no one is safe.

Below are some cast photos and two 'sneak peeks' at the series. For more information on the series, visit the official Vanished website.

Screen Shots

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Sneak Peek at reporter Judy Nash played by Rebecca Gayheart
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