QAF Addiction News Archive - December 2003

  December 28, 2003
Important dates and upcoming appearances for QAF Cast:
  • The cast is currently on their winter holiday break until January 12th, and then will resume shooting until March 19, 2004.
  • There will be a book signing on January 7th at 7:00pm, at Book Soup in West Hollywood for "Queer As Folk: The Book". Executive producers Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman and cast members Hal Sparks, Peter Paige, Robert Gant, Michelle Clunie and Thea Gill will be on hand to sign the book for fans. Read more at Book Soup's Author Events page.
  • The Television Critics Association's Winter Press Tour will be held January 6-18 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. The TCA represents 150 journalists writing about television for print and online outlets in the United States and Canada. Programming presentation schedules by cable networks will take place January 6-9, with the QAF panel on Friday, January 9th, from 3:15-6:15pm. Participants include: Michelle Clunie, Robert Gant, Thea Gill Sharon Gless, Gale Harold, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman. Here's the write-up from
    Showtime’s highest rated original series returns for its fourth season. Featuring 14 new episodes, the series will continue to air on Sundays at 10:00 pm. The fourth season finds Brian, now broke and unemployed, attempting to rebuild his life; Michael returning to Pittsburgh with Hunter and preparing for a custody battle with Ben; and Justin joining a vigilante group where he discovers his buried anger. In addition, as Ted is going through rehab, Emmett deals with the fallout from their breakup, and Melanie and Lindsay are awaiting the birth of their second child.
  • The much-awaited Season 3 DVDs will be released on February 24, 2004, and there will be autograph signgings as in past years. More details to follow.
  • Season 4 premieres on Showtime April 18, 2004.

Queer As Folk has been mentioned in several end-of-the-year retrospectives regarding "gays in the media". Here are two:

  • Queers, Kisses, & Angels by Mickey Barnes of
    "In TV land, 2003 saw the return of Queer as Folk for a third season. What was considered outlandish two years earlier when the North American version debuted now seemed tame and mainstream, mainly because television in general had become more raunchy."
  • 2003 was good year to be gay on TV says Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times:
    "I'm actually surprised all of this didn't happen sooner," said Robert Greenblatt, Showtime's president of entertainment, of the high-profile gay presence. The trend is likely to continue next year. Showtime in a few weeks will premiere "The 'L' Word," about the lives and loves of a group of female friends, many of whom are lesbian. And the network is also launching a new season of "Queer as Folk." Greenblatt said he expects growing acceptance from mainstream audiences for both series: "In the beginning of its run, 'Queer as Folk' was seen as this extreme show. But now it's got a broader appeal. I think now people see it just as a show about people living normal lives."

Carlo Rota (Gardner Vance) posted a message to fans on his forum, titled, "Christmas and we many": "I wish you all a magnificent holiday. I have just returned from Fidel Castro's island. I tried to post while I was there but Fidel's revolution has not embraced computers so much. Tomorrow I leave to see my lovely parents in Italy. I hope you have a wonderful start to your various years. Let's hope that 2004 brings more TV that we can watch and be in as well. Kisses to all, Carlo." (Merry Christmas to you, too!)

For those who haven't seen the photo gallery on Bobby Gant's site, I recommend taking a peek at this fabulous (and recently updated!) collection of pictures.

After a wee break (LOL) for some family time, Shay has posted an update to the Melanie Loves Lindsay website. Find out what's new with the girls at

Apparently Hal Sparks appears on page 43 of the new "Best of 2003" People magazine (with Jennifer Aniston on the cover). In the sidebar, Hal talks about the book, "The Da Vinci Code" and there is an accompanying picture. has a new update that includes a link to a video clip of Hal's scene on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; episode #1.13 from January 9,1994. Hal plays a long-haired skate boarder in the episode titled "Witness". New downloads including avatars and wallpaper are available, and there is a new Hal photo gallery as well. Marathon alert: On December 30, at 6am EST, VH1 will be rebroadcasting the entire I Love The 70s series (which features Hal commentary). On January 1, 2004, VH1 will be airing the original I Love The 80s followed by I Love The 80s Strikes Back.

Charlie Hunnam, who played "Nathan" in the UK version of QAF, is getting a lot of buzz in the press lately for his role in the film "Cold Mountain". Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times movie critic, had this to say:

"Hunnam, a handsome young actor who's already demonstrated an impressive range (he went straight from the straitlaced, noble lead role in "Nicholas Nickleby" to the wicked Bosie), may soon be discovering the delights of movie stardom firsthand. An actor since his teens, his big break came with the British television series "Queer as Folk" in 2000. That popular series, in which he played a featured role, "gave me a career," he said. And it gave him a new home: In Los Angeles for a brief trip to explore some post "Queer as Folk" opportunities, Hunnam "met a girl, fell in love and stayed." He's been based in L.A. for several years now, and has successfully transferred from television (he also had a recurring role in the U.S. TV series "Undeclared") to movies." Read the full story.

  December 20, 2003
Book Soup
From Robert Gant's News page: On January 7, 2004, Bobby, the producers and various cast members from the series Queer As Folk will be appearing at Book Soup to sign copies of "Queer As Folk: The Book." [Book Soup is located at 8818 Sunset Blvd., W.Hollywood, CA.]

The premiere date for QAF on Showtime is Sunday April 18, 2004. Showcase will likely follow a few weeks later, if past years are any indicator.

  December 17, 2003
Santa JumpFrom La Dolce Musto:
"Remember the gay channel that MTV and Showtime were going to collaborate on, the one that's been more on-again, off-again than "Bennifer"? Well, thanks to all that Queer Eye hoopla, it's on again—for sure. Sources swear the channel's been green-lighted and its launch will probably coincide with next June's Gay Pride celebrations. I hear only MTV is involved now, not Showtime, and it'll be advertiser-supported, not the special-order pay channel that was originally planned."

The British informs readers that Queer as Folk, The Bill (which screened a shocking incest storyline earlier this month) and This Morning (which has demonstrated sex toys and included talk about orgasms and oral sex) have drawn some of the most complaints in recent TV history, for depicting gay sex, kissing and marriage respectively. The results come as the Independent Television Commission, which monitors TV programs and monitors complaints and compliments, closes down to make way for new regulatory body Ofcom. All three shows featured in the top 12 of complaints made against programs, although they were beaten by a film depicting Christ having sexual fantasies. Surprisingly, Queer as Folk's graphic sex scenes were beaten to 8th place by The Bill. [full story]

From Reuters news today comes the report that talk show host Conan O’Brien has confirmed he will bring "Late Night with Conan O’Brien" to Toronto in February (shooting from the 10th to the 13th). In typical 'Conan' style, the comedian joked with members of the media at a press conference in Toronto, saying that if the week goes well, they will move the show permanently to Winnipeg (you have to be Canadian to truly appreciate that joke, LOL). He also said it would be "premature and foolish" to say who would appear on the show, but he thought "Ben Affleck, J.Lo. guaranteed", along with J.D. Salinger and Saddam Hussein. If we're lucky, maybe someone from the QAF cast might show up on screen. O’Brien said the idea of coming to Toronto appealed to him because he had been heavily influenced by Canadian comedy, particularly the 1970s classic "SCTV" which helped launch the careers of Martin Short, John Candy, Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin.

Hal Sparks has posted another message to fans on his official message forum, wishing them happy holidays.

  December 15, 2003
Brian and JustinKeep an eye out for
new commercials airing on Showcase and PrideVision in Canada, and on Showtime in the States. The latest Showtime spot uses the song "Thank You Baby" by King Force (G-High records). Listen to it here.

Scott Lowell's site has been updated with new photos in the Miscellaneous Gallery from Scott's recent trip to NYC, where he saw a performance of Avenue Q and attended a fundraiser for Howard Dean with a few other QAF cast members (see a group photo of the gang here). There are several new wallpapers and other fun 'downloadables' on the site as well.

QAF writer Brad Fraser mentioned the show on a recent episode of Jawbreaker where the topic of discussion was Gay TV and the Media. In reference to QAF's high percentage of hetero female viewers, the usually sensitive Brad said QAF was basically "porn for fat, straight women". Ouch. Bet he gets a few emails.

In her recent gossip column in the Toronto Star, Rita Zekas mentions that Sharon Gless has been kicking back at "The Looking Glass" (a contemporary restaurant) on Church Street. Hosts Steve and Gary from "" on Pridevision mentioned running into Scott Lowell in Toronto recently, and said he looked "hunky".

Reports say that Hal Sparks has been added to the guest list for the Queer As Fans 2004 convention in Toronto next January. The official site, however, had not yet been updated as of this posting.

  December 12, 2003
Hal's LairHal's Lair is back up and running, and now has the distinct honor of being
Hal Sparks' Official Message Forum. Hal is still working on his new site, which will be launched in the near future. Hal's Lair features a Q&A section, to which the first batch has already been posted, as well as "Hal Talks", a thread for messages to fans from Hal himself (he has also just posted there). Those who posted on the previous board will still need to re-register in order to post.

  December 11, 2003
Particles of TruthWhile it wasn't one of the top award-getters at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Particles of Truth was listed as a Program Highlight in the "Best of the Festival" listings, as one of the top 25 or so films out of at least five times as many that aired at the Fest this past weekend. The film is being screened next at the Anchorage Film Festival, starting today, with an Opening Night Reception & Sneak Preview at the Sydney Laurence Stage. POT airs at that same stage on Saturday, December 13 at 5pm and at the Alaska Experience Theatre (A) at 9pm on Wednesday, December 17th. It boasts a half dome screen with killer acoustics and 120 seats, plus the intimate Earthquake Theatre (no kidding, shaking seats!)

Looks like "Brian's" Corvette will be seen a fair bit this season, as the producers are quite taken with the car. And, despite the rather chilly and snowy Canadian winter in Toronto, the Stingray is being used on location. Perhaps we'll get to see Justin take a ride this season!

  December 10, 2003
Peter Paige
Peter Paige has posted a new message to fans on his website. He apologizes for being out of touch; seems the boy's been busy!!! In addition to shooting QAF4, and doing the promos and photography for the show, Peter's been working on a movie called "Childstar", written and directed by Don McKellar, and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dave Foley, Brendan Fehr (from "Roswell"), Gil Bellows (from "Ally McBeal") and Mark Rendall. Peter plays the childstar's agent -- an "ass-kissing, snake-in-the-grass named TIM." He's having a great time, and promises to keep fans posted on release dates, screenings, etc. Things are still looking good for Peter's directorial debut in the Spring with "Donut Hole"... he says "I'm so excited I could puke." LOL!!! For the entire message, visit Peter's site and click on "Connection".

QAF music supervisors Scot McFadyen and Michael A. Perlmutter are the latest names to be added to the guest list for the Queer as Fans 2004 Convention. reports that a tentative deal has been reached to bring NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien to Toronto for four days of taping, Feb. 7-10, 2004. The venue for the event appears to be the historic Elgin Theatre, across Yonge St from the Eaton Centre, which seats more than 2,000. Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer, who has had a hand in the careers of Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Norm Macdonald and many others (including David Letterman band leader Paul Shaffer), put the call out to the Canadian entertainment elite. He asked, "Would you come back as a guest if I brought Late Night With Conan O'Brien to Toronto?" The answer was a resounding yes. Keep an eye out for upcoming guests from the Toronto area.

In his Windy City Times column (Deep Inside Hollywood) this week, Romeo San Vincente pens the article, "Chester Set to Save Gant":
You know you’re not satisfied seeing Queer as Folk hottie Robert Gant confined to the small screen. You want more. You want bigger. And soon you’ll get it. Save Me, the next film from actor/writer/director Craig Chester, will star Gant and former teen star Chad Allen (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman). A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of an ex-gay ministry, Save Me may be a first in that it will actually star openly gay actors in both lead roles. The film is still in its pre-production phase and will stay there until Chester finishes shooting his debut feature, Adam & Steve. But once it’s in the can, expect irreverently funny stuff on your art-house screens sometime in 2005.

You can read more about the production at Chad Allen Online, or refer to the October 7th item in my News Archive for more information on Mythgarden, the company Chad formed along with Robert and Chris Racster. The movie Save Me will also star Judith Light.

TCANew Production Info from The Television Critics Association and USA Media:
Since his arrival in June of 2003,
Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment at Showtime, has worked with chairman and CEO Matthew C. Blank to broaden the spectrum of the Network, while capitalizing on "what works." Executives at premium cable channels know how hard it is to persuade consumers to pay extra monthly fees. The share of cable customers who subscribe to at least one premium channel has been steady at about one third of viewers for years. The services must constantly scramble just to replace the percentage of subscribers who cancel each month. Queer As Folk has demonstrated good standing in the ratings, and has the support of the network behind it. Those close to the show are confident that the announcement of a fifth season is imminent, and word has it that QAF will be included in the upcoming Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour. The TCA represents 150 journalists writing about television for print and online outlets in the United States and Canada. TCA's press tour is based at a Los Angeles-area hotel for nearly 2 weeks in January, typically devoted to midseason programs (there is another in July, when the fall season is previewed). Though the press tour has continually evolved, current trends in the television industry are quickening the pace of change. Hotel-based interview sessions are now supplemented by set visits and other remote activities, and shows like Queer As Folk are ideal candidates for this kind of promotion.

  December 9, 2003
Robert Gant & Kyan DouglasQAF gangLooks like
Bobby Gant and Kyan Douglas have finally gone public with their relationship. reports that the two boyfriends joined Angela Bassett and other cast members of "Queer as Folk" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" backstage at "Avenue Q" this past Sunday, December 7, at The John Golden Theater in New York City. I've posted a few thumbnails below... more photos are available here.

Last night, members of the QAF cast continued their slew of appearances in NYC, including a gala fundraiser for Presidential hopeful Howard Dean. Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Michelle Clune, Robert Gant and Scott Lowell attended a roast for Dean, hosted by Rob Reiner, family and friends; they also attended "Coffee, Dessert & Comedy" and introduced comedians Janeane Garofalo, Andrea Martin, David Cross, John Leguizamo and others. Apparently the actors remained on stage during the performances, which allowed the attendees to watch their reactions to the jokes. Gale and Randy presented together, while the others went solo. Scott even brought his camera with him to take pictures (maybe we'll see some on his website soon). The night wrapped up with "Downtown Dean Series #3" at the Roseland Ballroom.

Scott Lowell Michelle Clunie Jack Wetherall Bobby Gant

  December 8, 2003
QAFThe following was posted to Robert Gant's "Be The Change" message forum:
The producers and various cast members from the series Queer As Folk will be appearing at
Book Soup on January 7th to sign copies of "Queer As Folk: The Book." Book Soup is located at 8818 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood, CA 90069. Check their website as the date gets closer for further details.

Some upcoming television coverage as well:
VH-1 is slated to produce and air a one-hour special about
Queer As Folk. Meanwhile, Bravo is preparing a special of its own focusing on the phenomenon of gay television. Air dates for both features have yet to be announced. This Saturday, December 13, it's "Gay TV Galore" on Jawbreaker (PrideVision) with a discussion on gay TV and the media.

Nominees for the 15th Annual GLAAD Media Awards were announced, and Queer As Folk got a nod for Outstanding Drama Series. Visit the site for the complete list of nominees and more information about the Awards, which will be handed out in three separate ceremonies next Spring.

  December 3, 2003
Sharon GlessFrom Award-winning actress
Sharon Gless, comedy writer Hal Kanter and legendary screenwriter Robert Towne will serve as master of ceremonies, grand master of ceremonies and chair of the USC Scripter® Award selection committee respectively, the Friends of the USC Libraries announced today. The ceremony will be held Sunday, February 15, 2004, on the USC campus. Bestowed annually since 1989 by the Friends, the Scripter Award honors the year's best film adaptation of a book or novella, and is given to both the author and screenwriter. Sharon Gless will follow in the emcee steps of the late John Ritter, who served as master of ceremonies for the 15th Scripter Awards and was on board for the 2004 event before his untimely death in September. Gless and Ritter had worked together on "Letting Go" in 1985, and had remained friends throughout their careers. "I'm very honored to follow in John's footsteps in supporting the Scripter Awards," said Gless. "He was a great supporter and alumnus of USC, as are many in my family, and we're delighted to be associated with an award that honors great writers." Sharon is currently working on QAF and creating a new television series to be announced.

Confirmed for the Queer As Fans 2004 convention in January are Harris Allan, who plays Hunter, and Shawn Postoff, an Executive Story Editor. More information is available at the website.

The feature story in the December issue of Out Magazine is out100: celebrating the greatest GLBT success stories of the year. The first is James Getzlaff from "Boy Meets Boy" and the second is the Fab Five from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Randy Harrison is reportedly among the 100 stories as well (better go out and get that issue to find out!).

There are several stories and pictures posted on Hal's Lair about his band's gig at the Roxy this past weekend, and the time the band spent with the fans after the gig. Check out the "Hal's Music" thread for details. Please note that the Hal's Lair message forum is changing servers and will be unavailable this weekend... the board will be back up on Monday, and posters will need to re-register.

  December 1, 2003
McDonald'sToday QAF Addiction met the "McDonald's Milestone" -- over
one million served! (or is it one billion for the hamburgers?). In any case, the counter has now reached seven digits, and I feel like celebrating! Anyone interested in some eye candy? I've revamped the Set Design section, with new pictures from Showtime of the Diner, Babylon, Woody's, and almost all of the characters' homes, along with a new "on location" page. Just scroll down to the bottom of the Set Design page for all of the new links.



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