Marc Hall visits the set of Queer as Folk

Pridevision TV aired a one-hour documentary special on 'Coming Out' Day, October 11, 2002 called "Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story". What began as a simple request to take his boyfriend to a school dance turned into a media frenzy pitting the Church against the Charter of Human Rights, a community against a school board, and a family against its faith. In the process Marc's story made news across Canada, brought interview requests from as far away as Australia, and an appearance on Queer As Folk.

Marc talks to Pridevision about the invitation
he received to visit the set of Queer As Folk

Marc Hall

Marc brought his best friend Cassie with him to Toronto. "We met Emmett, who is Peter Paige, he's my favorite character. He had tears in his eyes and everything. Then we took pictures."

Marc and Peter

Why am I not surprised that Randy Harrison
has a HUGE plate of food with him?

Marc, Cassie, Randy

Up close and personal with Gale Harold...

Cassie, Gale, Marc

Marc and Cassie are ready for the Rage party!

Marc and Cassie

Hal Sparks with his new friends

Marc Hall

Don't mind the couple on the left...

Rage Party

Nice smile, Marc!

Rage Party

"I am writing to request that the school board reverse the policy taken to deny me the opportunity to attend my school prom with the person of my choice, my boyfriend. Thatís all I want: to go to the prom with my date, like everybody else, and to make sure that no other student of the Durham Catholic School Board will ever have to face what I have over the last few weeks."
 - Marc Hall, March 25, 2002.

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