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Roy Finch

Roy Finch
Henry Leroy "Roy" Finch has worked as a Music Composer, Music Editor and/or Sound Designer on numerous film and video productions since 1989, including Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula and Godfather III, The Secret Garden, as well as the independent feature Follow Me Home. Finch has also done sound work on major interactive products by Broderbund, Disney, Rocket Science, Mondo Media, and the Intouch Group. Most recently, he directed the film Wake (co-produced with his wife, Susan Landau Finch). The couple hopes that the small, indepdendent film will be picked up by a movie distributor and will help them get the backing to make a larger, $4 million film called "Sleepwalking."

Hell's Buddhas is a creative and spiritual adventure that was undertaken in 1999 by an international, primarily thirty-something group of spiritual pilgrims joined together for a five-month circumnavigation of the Indian Continent, riding nothing but classic motorcycles, for the stated purpose of "promoting peace, communal harmony, love and understanding." Finch was one of several crew members who travelled with the Hell's Buddhas production and worked on the documentary. The crew were selected based on three criteria: production skill, travel experience, and direct knowledge of Eastern spiritual practices.

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