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Prices taken on February 3, 2001
at Wal-Mart in suburban Cincinnati

If anyone ever thinks that Melaleuca products cost more, they just don't know how concentrated they are. You can now show them the cost-per-use comparison below:

Side by side cost comparisons show

Product Size Loads Price Cost Per Load?
TIDE 200 oz 64 loads $13.98 22 cents 
MELAPOWER 64 oz 64 loads $9.99 16 cents 
Tide costs 38% more than MelaPower

Product Size Loads Price Cost Per Load?
DOWNY 40 oz 40 loads $3.68 9 cents
MELASOFT quart 96 loads $6.99 7 cents
Downy costs 29% more than Melasoft

Product Size Loads Price Cost Per Use?
CASCADE Complete 45 oz 8 uses $3.44 43 cents
DIAMOND BRITE 38 oz 25 uses $6.99 28 cents
Cascade costs 54% more than Diamond Brite

Product Size Price
ROBITUSSIN Children's Multi Symptom 4 oz $4.53
COUNTERACT Multisymptom 4 oz $3.99
Robitussin costs 14% more than CounterAct

Product Size Price Cost Per Ounce?
TILEX 32 oz $3.27 10 cents
TUB & TILE  16 oz concentrate $3.99 4 cents
Tilex costs 150% more than Tub & Tile

Product Size Price Cost Per Ounce?
FANTASTIC 22 oz $1.97 9 cents
TOUGH & TENDER quart concentrate $4.99 1 cent
Fantastic costs 900% more than Tough & Tender

Product Size Price Cost Per Piece?
AQUAFRESH Dental Gum 16 pack $1.97 12 cents
INSTAFRESH Dental Gum 20 pack $1.99 10 cents
Aquafresh costs 20% more than InstaFresh

Product Size Price
REMBRANDT whitening Toothpaste 3 oz $6.97
MELALEUCA Tooth Polish 3 oz $2.99
Rembrandt costs 133% more than Melaleuca

Product Size Price Cost Per Pill?
Extra Strength TYLENOL 24 ct $2.77 12 cents
Extra Strength COUNTERACT 50 ct $3.29 7 cents
Tylenol costs 71% more than CounterAct

Product Size Price Cost Per Pill?
ADVIL 200 24 ct $3.18 13 cents
COUNTERACT 200 50 ct $3.49 7 cents
Advil costs 86% more than CounterAct

Product Size Price
Children's Liquid TYLENOL 4 oz $4.27
COUNTERACT Children's Pain Reliever 4 oz $3.29
Tylenol costs 30% more than CounterAct

Never forget that cost is just one advantage of shopping the easy, efficient, time and money-saving Melaleuca way.

In addition to being safer and, in most cases, much more effective -- every order helps the seven families who get "Thank You" checks.

Our products are all environmentally sensitive, too. Melaleuca's Home
Hygiene Products contain safe, bio-degradable ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

Melaleuca uses no ammonia, no phenols, no formaldehyde, no dioxin, no
solvent detergents, no abrasives, no phosphates, and no NTA's.

Compare the warning labels too:
Our Diamond Brite Gel automatic dishwashing detergent is so safe that it doesn't even require a childproof cap!


The EPA has reported that toxic chemicals found in the home are, on the average, three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor airborne pollutants.

The Consumer product Safety Commission connects 150 chemicals commonly found in our homes to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health analyzed 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products and 884 were found to be toxic - some even caused mutagenic changes!


Toxic products that cost more OR Safe products that cost less and are delivered to your door??