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The physical therapist as a researcher, clinician, administrator and educator.


     Physical Therapy


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Official Publication of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association


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About imPeTus top

The Impetus is the official publication of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc. (PPTA). It intends to promote physical therapy as an important profession. It puts to fore news, issues, scientific studies, and features that matter to our members' professional practice and appeal to their interests. This publication is published bi-annually in March and September.


Subscription top

Subscription to imPeTus is easy! 

Simply download and print the subscription form then send the completed form to us. Payments can be made through check, through the PPTA bank account, or via postal money order. Currently, we have the following rates:

Metro Manila

Single Issue

   PhP75.. PPTA member

   PhP90.. nonmember

Yearly Subscription

   PhP130.. PPTA member

   PhP160.. nonmember


Visayas and Mindanao

Single Issue

   PhP80.. PPTA member

   PhP100.. nonmember

Yearly Subscription

   PhP140.. PPTA member

   PhP180.. nonmember


Outside the Philippines

Single Issue

   US$8.. PPTA member

   US$10.. nonmember

Yearly Subscription

   US$15.. PPTA member

  US$18. nonmember



Advertising top


imPeTus is open to all companies, schools, clinics, or centers who wish to advertise. Download the advertisement information sheet for more details.



Contributors top


Information for contributors will soon be made available in this web site.





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