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The physical therapist as a researcher, clinician, administrator and educator.


     Physical Therapy


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National Zonal Conference on PT/OT Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

National Capital Region

Always in the forefront of advancing the physical therapy profession in the Philippines, the PPTA has once again actively set its foot on one of the major issues concerning our preparation for practice as professionals...

The resource panel was composed of MDs, PTs and OTs from professional organizations and the PRC.

Physical and occupational therapists actively participated in the zonal conference

Physical and occupational therapy educators - dynamically clamoring for change!


PPTA President Ms. Cheryl Ramos, PTRP was one of the resource panelists, representing the PPTA.

Ms. Zen Abanilla, PTRP, PPTA Acting Secretary  finishing off with a summary of the zonal conference

Prof. Magpili receiving an award for her distinctive contributions for the growth of the physical therapy profession



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