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The physical therapist as a researcher, clinician, administrator and educator.


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PPTA Chapters

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Guidelines top

 It is one of the visions of the PPTA that chapters of the association be established in different parts of the country. These chapters will enable the members of PPTA  to enjoy the benefits of the association at a much closer range and make the mother organization stronger. For a chapter to be established, it is necessary that 50 lifetime members of the association be part of it.  


Membership top

The person in charge of membership  is tasked to:

1.      Accept new members for the chapter and association

2.      File all original membership documents

3.      Send a duplicate of the accomplished membership form to the Head of the Membership Committee

4.      Provide a list of new members to the Head of the Membership Committee quarterly

5.      Forward all membership dues to a bank account specified by the Head of the Membership Committee



Finances top

The first major activity of the chapter will be sponsored by the PPTA. Revenue from this activity will be divided accordingly: 30% to the PPTA and 70% to the chapter. All succeeding activities is the responsibility of the chapter but the proceeds will be shared as stated above.


Officers top

Each PPTA chapter must have a set of duly elected officers to carry out certain functions.  These positions would be that of the president,  secretary, treasurer and PRO. They must have the individuals in charge of membership and continuing education as well.

President top

The president is required to submit a semi-annual report to the president of the PPTA.

Treasurer top

The treasurer is will submit a financial report to the treasurer of the PPTA after every activity  and remit revenues accordingly.

Continuing Education top

The person in charge of continuing education is tasked to plan the CE activities of the chapter. The Head of the CE Committee must be given notice of the activity (its objectives, outline and resource person) at least 3 months prior.




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