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The physical therapist as a researcher, clinician, administrator and educator.


     Physical Therapy


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Course Description | Course Objectives | Course Outline: Lumbar Spine Module, Sacroiliac Joint Module | Course Presenters | Course Fees | Moro Lorenzo


Course Description top


The seminar/workshop is composed of 2 modules: one for the lumbar vertebrae and the other for the

sacroiliac joint.


The seminar will provide a background on relevant anatomy and biomechanics and current principles on

low back rehabilitation. It will also introduce the theory of Panjabi's spinal stability, the local muscle system, motor control rehabilitation, and how relevant these concepts are in clinics.

The workshop will concentrate on the manual handling, techniques and skills of physiotherapists in assessing the lumbar and sacral regions. Treatment strategies such as mobilization and manipulation of the lumbar and sacroiliac joints will be taught as well as some taping techniques. The concept of Mulligan's "SNAGS"and MWM'S will also be introduced to provide a wider array of treatment approaches specific to patients with low back pain.


Course Objectives top


At the completion of this course, the participant will better

  • understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the low back

  • appreciate the concepts of Panjabi, Mulligan, Maitland, and apply them clinically

  • understand and develop the skill needed of a manual therapist

  • apply manual therapy techniques in the treatment of low back disorders

  • appreciate the preventive strategies for low back pain

Course Outline top



DAY 1 SEMINAR (Nov.24,2001)

8:00-8:30     Registration

8:30-8:45     Opening Remarks

8:45-9:30     Review of Lumbar Anatomy and Biomechanics

9:30-10:15    Local Stabilizing System Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus

10:15-10:45  BREAK/SOCIALS

10:45-11:30  Spinal Stabilization

11:30-12:00  Question &Answer


1:00-1:45      Local Muscle Dysfunction in Low Back Pain

1:45-2:30      Motor Control Exercise Techniques

2:30-3:00      BREAK/SOCIALS

3:00-5:00      Prevention Techniques (Ms.Catherine Capio,MScErg.,PTRP)


DAY 2 WORKSHOP (Nov.25,2001) top

8:00-8:30     Registration

8:30-12:00   Manual Examination of the Lumbar Spine Active Movements, Passive Movements, Passive

Physiological Intervertebral Movements (PPIVM's), Passive Accessory Intervertebral Movements (PAIVM's), Mobilizations Manipulations

12:00-1:00    BREAK/SOCIALS

1:00-5:00     Mulligan's Mobilization With Movements (MWM) and Sustained Natural Apopyseal Glides (SNAG's); Motor Control Joint

Stabilization and Motor Control Taping Techniques


Note: Please wear shorts (for men), shorts & sports bra (for women) on WORKSHOP DAYS.



DAY 1 SEMINAR (Dec.1,2001)

8:00-8:30     Registration

8:30-8:45     Opening Remarks

8:45-9:45     Anatomy of the Sacrum

9:45-10:15    BREAK/SOCIALS

10:15-11:15  Biomechanics of the Sacrum

11:15-11:45  The Healing Process

11:45-12:00  Panjabi's Theory of Spinal Stability


1:00-2:00     Clinical Manifestation of Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction

2:00-2:30     Muscles and Muscle Energy Techniques for Pelvic Dysfunction

2:30-3:00     Pain and Reflex Inhibition

3:00-3:30     BREAK/SOCIAL

3:30-4:00     Skill Acquisition and Muscle Control

4:00-4:30     Professional Issues (Ms.Cheryl Ramos, PTRP, PPTA President)

4:30-5:00     Question and Answer


DAY 2 WORKSHOP (Dec.2,2001) top

8:00-12:00    Manual Examination of the Sacral Joint 

                  Functional tests:


                       Articular Mobility/Stability Test


1:00-5:00     Mobilizations


                  Mulligan's Mobilization with Movement (MWM)

                  Taping Techniques

                  Exercises for the SIJ


Note: Please wear shorts (for men), shorts &sports bra (for women) on WORKSHOP DAYS.


Course Presenters top


Mr.Marvin G.Ventura,MPhtySt(Sports),PTRP is currently the head sports physiotherapist of the Moro
Lorenzo Sports Center Sports Medicine Clinic and a lecturer in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences in the
University of Santo Tomas.He graduated from the Institute of Physical Therapy of the University of Santo Tomas in
1997 and recently completed his Masters in PhysiotherapyStudies (Sports Physiotherapy)from the University of
Queensland in Australia.He was the physical therapist of the BLU Detergent Kings in the Philippine Basketball
League in 1999.He also worked as a staff physical therapist at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia from

Ms.Catherine Capio,MScErg.,PTRP is the former secretary of the present Board of Officers

of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association. She recently completed her Masters of Science in Ergonomics

at the Lulea University of Technology in Lulea, Sweden. Her research interests include rehab in the workplace

and anthropometric measurements of Filipinos. She is currently a faculty member of the College of Allied

Medical Professionals at the University of the Philippines. 


Course Fees and Registration top


Early Registration:

Php 1,800.00/Module

Php 3,200.00/for 2 Modules


On Site Registration:

Php 2,000.00/Module

Php 3,800.00/for 2 Modules


Only 50 participants will be accepted.


Contact us at 426-6001 loc 4690-93 and look for 

Mr. Marvin G. Ventura, MPhtySt (Sports Phty), PTRP;

Mr. Sol Alcantara, PTRP;

Mr.Yves Pangilinan,PTRP; or

Ms. Celine Agcaoili.


Moro Lorenzo Sports Center top



2/F, Moro Lorenzo Sports Center

Ateneo de Manila University

Katipunan Ave.




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