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Traditional Muzzleloaders

Traditions ™ Shenandoah Rifle

Modeled after the graceful frontier styling and proven performance of the Pennsylvania rifle, yet n a slightly shorter length. Choice of flintlock or percussion V-type mainspring lock wih double-set triggers. Full-length walnut stock is accented by the solid brass curved buttplate, inletted patch box, nose cap, thimbles, trigger guard, and decorative furniture. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Imported.

 Traditions™ Shenandoah Rifle - .36 Cal Percussuion R21268101

Traditions™ Shenandoah Rifle - .50 Cal Flint R2110

Traditions™ Shenandoah Rifle - .50 Cal Percussuion R2120

Traditions™ Springfield Hawken Blackpowder Rifle

Features an advanced cold-drawn processed barrel that simultaneously creates deep-groove rifling, finished bore diameter, and outside octagonal dimensional for a smoother, more accurate barrel. Hooked breech feature allows for easy cleaning. High-visibility open sights plus fast action lock and smooth single non-set hunting trigger. Beech hardwood stock with brass appointments. Percussion 50 cal. with 28" blued barrel. Weight: 7.25 lbs; total length: 44.5". Mfrs. limited lifetime warranty

Traditions™ Springfield Hawken Blackpowder Rifle - .50 Cal -

Traditions ™ Pennsylvania Rifle

The Pennsylvania re-creates the first features of the classic long rifles. Features a full-length walnut stock with cheekpiece, solid brass patch box, stock inlay ornamentation, and toe plate. Double set triggers and adjustable primitive-style rear sight. Custom detailing throughout. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Imported

Traditions™ Pennsylvania Rifle - .50 Cal Percussuion R2100 .50 CAL PERCUSSUION 1 IN 66" TWIST, 8.5 LBS 40-1/4" BARREL, WALNUT STOCK, 57" TOTAL LENGTH

Traditions™ Pennsylvania Rifle - .50 Cal Flintlock R2090 .50 CAL FLINTLOCK,1 IN 66" TWIST, 8.5 LBS 40-1/4" BARREL,WALNUT STOCK, , 57" TOTAL LENGTH

Traditions™ Crockett Rifle

Small-game rifle comes in .32 cal. for great hunting fun. Long, lean rifle personifies all the positive features of a long rifle and at the same time gives you ease of carrying and quick shouldering. Double set triggers for ultimate accuracy. Fixed-tang breech for easy take-down. Has a 32" blued, octagonal barrel with fixed blade sights. Brass appointments. Hardwood ramrod. Imported.

Traditions™ Crockett Rifle -

Traditions ™ Kentucky Rifle

This authentic replica of the classic Kentucky Rifle is true to the last detail. It combines good looks, economy, shootability, and a high level of accuracy. Features an engraved, case-hardened lock, complete with authentic V-type mainspring for fast, sure hammer action. The rifle comes with a complete lifetime mechanical warranty and detailed instructions.

Traditions™ Kentucky Rifle -

Thompson/Center Hawken Rifle

The famous T/C Hawken features all-brass inletted hardware fitted into an American walnut stock. QLA™ muzzle system provides quick loading and accurate shooting. Fully adjustable trigger and sights. Mfrs. limited lifetime warranty. 28" blued barrel, 1 in 48" twist, 8.5 lbs. and total length-45.25" Made in the USA.

Thompson/Center Hawken Rifle 5024 50 CAL -

Thompson/Center Hawken Rifle - 54 CAL -

CVA St. Louis Hawken

Double-set triggers are fully adjustable for a crisp, reliable pull. Adjustable rear sight and beaded steel front blade complement the accuracy of this rifle. The choice stock of select hardwood with beavertail cheekpiece contrasts handsomely with the brass appointments. The patented cold-drawn barrel with 15/16" wide flats is rifled one turn in 48". Complete with adjustable hunting sights for target and hunting use. Synthetic ramrod with brass tips. Wood stock with blued 28" barrel. Total length: 44". Total weight: 8 lbs. Twist: 1 in 48".

CVA St. Louis Hawken - 50 Cal. PR463/R240089 - 50 CALIBER

CVA Mountain Stalker Muzzleloader

Easy to carry because its 5-1/2 lb. weight is lighter than most carbines. 26" blued barrel. The black synthetic stock is durable and lightweight. The triggerguard is oversized to accommodate gloved shooters - a critical detail during cold weather hunting. Brass blade front sight and V-notch rear sight line up in an instant. Composite ramrod. Octagonal barrel. Includes detailed shooting instructions for a complete introduction to muzzleloading.

CVA Mountain Stalker Rifle - .50 Cal PR6050 1:48" TWIST .50 CAL

CVA Mountain Stalker Rifle - .54 Cal PR6051 1:38" TWIST .54 CAL

Traditions ™ Deerhunter ™ Rifle

The perfect choice for traditional sidelock muzzleloading is the Deerhunter from Traditions™. The Deerhunter won't let you down when it's time to make that shot. Realtree® Hardwoods™ camo or black composite stock features a recoil-absorbing rubber buttpad, hooked breech for easy barrel removal, oversized trigger guards, sling swivels, adjustable hunting sights, and nearly indestructible PVC ramrod. Includes a dependable percussion lock with reliable V-style mainspring ignition. An ideal choice for the new or experienced shooter. 24" nickel barrel with 1 in 48" twist. Weight: 6 lbs; total length: 40". Mfrs. limited lifetime warranty. Imported.

Traditions™ Deerhunter™ Rifle R36808 .50 CAL BLACK COMPOSITE