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NAME_Cobalt Griffin
REAL NAME_Take a guess..........
LOCATION_Somewhere in Northern Nevada, USA
DESCRIPTION_Well, I'm basicly a nice guy that tries to be honest, but there can be such a thing as too honest. I have a lot of good friends, some that owe me favors, you know who you are. I'm also a senior in high school, GO WOOSTER!!. Class of 2004. I'll add more stuff here later.
INTERESTS_Some of my interests include the internet, trains, anime, trucks (preferably semi trucks), and other things that my friends may like. And most of all hanging out with my friends, being lonely isn't always good. And movies, the good ones anyways. Rally racing and Super truck racing in Australia, and Europe, a North American orginization is working on bringing it here. NASCAR racing is so boring, it gets old pretty quick when they go around the track by the 10th lap. I also like writing short stories, and having my friends be in them. Like my friend Leon said, it's the best way to actually be in a story, and part of one. That, and I can be what I truely am in my stories. And one more thing, drawing anime style, it's a challenge, but very rewarding. Playing video games, and many other things that will be added here later, did I mention sleeping. I like to do that.
DISLIKES_First of all is pure frosting, too much sugar for me, I get light headed, and dizzy if I eat too much. Video games with impossible levels, anyone who has played "Star Wars Rogue Squadron" knows what level I'm talking about. The one where you have to save the three AT-PTs from attacking Imperial forces. Then there's doing stuff and not getting the recognition that I deserve, this happens to me often. And getting splits in bowling, very hard to pick up, that happens everyone and a while. Otherwise that's just about it.Most seafood, I don't realy like it.

WEAPON_Katana Staff, basicly it's a staff with a hidden blade, a katana is a type of Japanese sword that has only one cutting edge of the blade. And a Glock handgun, mostly for backup and long distance attacks.

ABOVE IMAGE_If your wondering about the above image, well it's me as a half human half griffin in an anime style drawing. Well if you want to be really technical about it I'm half human, half griffin, the griffin part of me is half eagle and half tigon, and the tigon part of me is half tiger half lion. If you don't know what a Tigon is, well it's a combination tiger and lion, in which the tiger is the father of the offspring. I'm a rare mix. Back to the above anime styled drawing done by myself, don't steal it. I'll find you and ruin your internet reputation. I'm sure that any artist would feel the same way. I'm currently finding a home on the internet for my artwork to be displayed. Cobalt Castro Griffin character, character design, and artwork are copyright Jerome Castro Flaherty 2004.
E-mail: Cobalt Griffin's e-mail