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Mr. Bones & North of Dixie
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We like to think of ourselves as "The New Attitude of Country".
As we are sure any Country Music fan has realized, (whether you are a new fan, or have been a fan forever) Country music is in a state of change.
This change is creating a new and fresh sound that at times crosses into Pop, Rock, Swing, and even Blues.
This change was needed to keep Country Music alive and attract a younger listening audience.
However ... the basic message is still the same.
Country Music is still about everyday general life, that anybody can relate to.
Country Music is still down to earth.

The general term used to identify a fan of Country Music, "Redneck", is often misunderstood.
A Redneck is not a person of hatred.
But rather a person with a passion for life, a longing for simplicity, and a love of nature.
A Redneck does not wish to follow the fashion, the trend, or the current fad of the day.
We wish only to be allowed to like what we know we like without someone telling us that we are outdated. And as far as their music, forget what someone else has labeled it. If its good and they like it, who cares what someone else calls it.

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