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Gauri Yantra is
placed in the centre of the three temples.

Solar dates coincide with English Calendar dates. Hence Sankranti have fixed dates.   HOME           Unmarried girls are made to worship Tusari (Gauri) in the Solar month of Magh  [ Mesha / Tila Sankranti January 14 to Kumbha Sankranti February 12] rising very early much before the sun-rise and as the saying goes "before the croaking of crows." They draw three alpanas in the form of temples in three colors using powdered rice, vermillion and powdered turmeric. The Gouri Yantra is drawn in the centre of three temples. Alapnas representing Sun, Moon and Navagraha are also drawn . The three temples Satwa, Raja and Tamas Gunas.

          Rising early and taking bath in extreme cold condition are sort of penance undertaken to get a loving husband as well as to train them to get up early for the household works in future life. On the last day Kumbha Sankranti more alpanas are drawn and women folk participate in the pooja. They are given presents.

         Tusari is terminated in the year of marriage.