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Changera:  Shallow             bamboo basket
Deep:   Earthen lamp
Chura:  Flattened  rice
Dahi:    Yogurt (Curd)
Gur:      Jaggery
Sheesh: Top
Poornima: Full moon



















BACK (festivals)


This is a very popular and playful ritual performed by the women folk of Mithilanchal for the well being of their brothers. It relates to the son, Samba and daughter, Jambawati of Lord Krishna.

Womenfolk prepare a number of earthen dolls on the day of Bhratridwitiya or Kharna ( a day prior to Chhath). These dolls are named  Saama, Chakeva, Satbhaiya, Chugla, Vrindavan. There are a few more.

These are kept in a shallow bamboo basket (Changera) with a few fresh Sheesh (tops) of rice plants and an earthen lamp (Deep). The women folk assemble in the evenings in an open place outside the houses and play with the dolls. They sing various songs peculiar to the occasion, usually in praise of their brothers and exchange the dolls. A part of Chugla-hair and Vrindavan are burnt. This is repeated every evening till Poornima when the dolls are broken by brothers, Prasad of Chura, Dahi, Gur is distributed. Immersion takes place in a ploughed field. 


     Sama, the daughter of Krishna and Jambawati, was married to Charuwakra. She had a brother named Samba.  Once when Samba and Chakravak had gone elsewhere, Sama went to play with munis in their Ashram during night and return in morning. This was noticed by a manial Churak, who complained to Krishna that Sama was flirting with Rishies in Vrindawan. In anger, Krishna condemned Sama, " Since you do not like our heavenly building and roam in forests, you become a bird."  Sama, on the other hand condemned Churak, " Since you have brought false allegation, women folk on the earth will burn your image year after year"   When Chakravak returned, he was thunder struck by the news and sat on Topasya to please Maheshwar. Soon Shiva asked him his wish to be fulfilled. he desired to became a bird of his own sweet will.  He was known as Chakrawaak. Both of them started living in Vrindavan.

     When Samba came to know about the whole affair, he sat on tapasya to please Bhagwan Vishnu. Soon Vishnu got pleased. He appeared before Samba and asked for his wish to be fulfilled. Samba replied, " Lord! I have just one sister and that too has converted to a bird. If you are pleased with me ,please do what can convert her back to human form". Shri Vishnu replied," Urja (Kartik) is the dearest month to Vishnu. On the first day of this month women folk should make replicas of Sama, Chakravaaak, Saptarishis, and even of Chudak and Vrindawan. These should be placed in bamboo containers. They should, then, carry these with lighted lams(deep), sing songs and play with them. They should burn the replicas of Chudak and Vrindawan. On Poornima day these idols should be dismantled after treating them with Chura and Dahi. With this act they will be restored back to human form"

Samba did as advised and Sama, Chakevaa got back their human body, more beautiful than they had.

Since then, this festival is performed to remember the sacrifice of Samba and is celebrated for the well being and longevity of brothers. It also denounces the evil activity of ill-mongers (Chugla) and the places related to it (Vrindavan)