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Parwan : Simplified Shradhdha

Tilodak : Til and water

Tarpan : Offering Tilodak to gods, rishis and ancestors

Teerth : Different locations on right hand for doing Tarpan.
Anjali: Handful





Aswin krishnapaksha (dark half) is known as Pitripaksha. This half is assigned to the departed souls. Hindus do different rituals in rememberance of their ancestors.

Some do it more rigourously and perform Tarwan. Feed Brahmin on the Tithi of departed soul.

Others do TARPAN. In this Tilodak (Til and water), with Kusha, is offered to gods, Rishis, and the ancestors. For gods one faces east, for rishis north and for ancestors south. Acccordingly there are three positions of right palm called Tirth assigned for gods, rishis, and ancestors. The tips of fingers are called Dev Tirth, the  root of little finger is Rishi Teerth and the gap formed by the root of index and thumb is Pitri Teertha. Hence when offering water to the gods, water is allowed to flow through the tips of the fingers, for rishis fingers are closed a little and hand turned to the left so that water flows through the root of little finger. Lastly for the ancestors, water is allowed to flow through the root of thumb by turning the hand right.

Father, grand father and great grand father are offered first. The maternal grand father, maternal great grand father and maternal great great grand father come next. Mother, grand mother and great grand mother are offered next. Lastly maternal grand mother, maternal great grand mother and mathernal great great grand mother are offered Tilodak. 

In case nothing is available, only three (Anjali)) handful of water be offered remembering the person to whom it is offered .