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Khir : Rice cooked in milk and  sugar
Ghorjaur : Rice cooked in curd   and salt.
Bhar: In olden days presents were sent from grooms side as well as from brides side and these were carried by persons (Bharia) on foot. These included clothes, curd and cookies.
Sadhawa : Non-widowed

Celebrated on Shravan Krishna Panchami, this festival if to worship the snake God, Vishahara as well as the family Goddess (Gosaun). Usually Khir and Ghorjaur  are offered as prasad along with fried vegetables, jackfruit and mangoes. People chew and spit neem leaves, mango seed, sour promaganate and lemon as a ritual to ward off any poison..



From today the famous Madhushravani pooja is performed by newly married brides. This continues for 13 days and ends on Shravan Shukla Tritiya. They worship Gauri, Shanti Kalash, Surya, Chandrama, Navagrah, and several Nags such as Nag dampati, Bairasi along with hundred brothers, Chanai, Kusumawati, Pingla, Lili, Gosauni nag with seven sisters,and lastly  Shasthi or sathi. Stories are recited and women folk are feasted on first and last days. Presents (Bhar) are sent from Groom's family to Brides family. Stay with parents during Shravan or at least during this festival is considered necessary. Traditionally the bride is supposed to eat only things sent from her husband's home. At least five (Sadhawa) married women accompany the bride while eating.

The festival ends on Shravan Shukla Tritiya with elaborate pooja and feasting. Presence of groom on this day was considered essential.



.For detailed instruction consult:
"Mithilaak Pavani Tihaar" by Smt. Mohini Jha, C/O Dr. Joganand Jha, Near Durga Mandir, Lakshmi Sagar, Darbhanga, Bihar, India.