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Poornima: Fullmoon
Pooja : Worship
Gosaun: Family Deity
Pan: Betal leaf
Pakwan: Sweet cookies

Janau: Sacred Thread
Ilaichi: Cardamom
Laung: Cloves
Chumaon: Blessing  ritual

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Lakshmi Pooja on Sharad Poornima day is prevelent in Mithilanchal. The pooja is held in Pradosh (early evening) during Poornima Tithi. It is not essential that Poornima be the Udaya Tithi (at sun rise time).

Special pooja of Gosaun (family Deity) is done which is known as "Gosaun Ghar Karab". Special Alpana is drawn to lead the goddess inside. Pan, Makhan, Bananas, Coconut, Makhan payas, sweets and cookies are offered as prasad.

For the newly married grooms, Kojagara is an important festival in year-long celebrations when special gifts are sent by the in-laws. These consists of Makhan, Dahi, Sweets,  Pakwan,  clothes, shoes, umbrella, small decorated imitation trees of   Janau, Dakshini Ilaichi, Laung etc. In the evening the grooms are blessed with Chumaon by both male and female elders. Makhan, Coconut, Cookies, Sweets and Pan are distributed.