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English Names of materials used :

Peedhi : Wooden plank used  for sitting
Pan :      Betel leaves
Supari:   Betel nut
Laung :  Clove
Aranchi or
Bari Ilaichi: Large  Cardamom
Kumhar or
Petha:    White pumpkin
Adhia : Metallic basin
Pithar:  Rice paste of flowing               consistency
Sindoor: Vermilion
Madhu : Honey
Chandan : Sandal wood paste
Kerao : Variety of  pea

As mythological story goes (told in Purans), Yamuna the daughter of Sun God was benefited by inviting her brother Yama on this day. Hence the reference to Yamuna and Yama in the Sloka.



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Bhaidooj, though celebrated throughout India in some form or other, has a special significance in Mithilanchal, where sisters worship their brothers in a manner peculiar to this region called "NEAUT".
Brothers are made to squat on a Peedhi(wooden plank) decorated with Alpana with palms together and extended. In front, certain things (Pan, Supari, Laung, Bari Ilaichi, flower of Kumhar, Coin)  are kept in a Adhia (basin) kept over another alpana. Pithar, Sindoor, Madhu, Chandan and water in a pot  are kept near by.

Sister applies Chandan on the forehead of brother, she then applies Pithar on the feet and palms of brother followed by  Sindoor. She next smears Madhu on the palms, places all the material kept in the basin on the palms and washes them off with water back to the basin chanting the following sloka:

(By younger sister:)

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(By elder sister:)

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However, in practice, the following Maithili version is recited:

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This process is repeated thrice. The younger of the two, then touches the feet of the elder (pranam) and the elder of the two then offers some gift or money to the younger.

Brothers are given Bigji (light refreshment) consisting of sprouted brown peas, makhana, dry fruits and sweets. For brothers, it is essential (if possible) to take their meals at their sister's place.  For this they even travel long distances.