Holding the Mirror

Lady Frible and Miranda Shaw are aliases.
I am not the Miranda Shaw who writes about Buddhism and the Tantra.
I do not visit ANY mailing lists or
discussion groups as Miranda Shaw and the only online group that
I use Lady Fribble for is The Ladies of the Heart.

Because of the huge amounts of spams I get, I have
changed my email address to ladyfribble at gmail dot com
and please, PLEASE, write something in the subject field.
If you have been referred to here by me under another name,
please reference the means and other name.

Thank you,
Lady Fribble aka Miranda Shaw.
This is online version of HOLDING THE MIRROR - the life of one Narcissist enaber by Miranda Shaw.

I had big plans for this at one time, but I have gone back to college and am really too busy to pursue those plan.

Anyway, I hope you find this site of some use.

Miranda Shaw

The Chapters and other links

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Rainy Day People
Live to Tell
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
The Power of Goodbye
Poetic Intermission
Set Me Free, Why Don't You?
I Know a Heartache When I See One
I'm Still Standing
Appendix - The Exercises
Appendix - The Pilgrimage
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