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Welcome to the Ghosts of Kingston. A site that will attempt to catalog and publish all the known paranormal spots in the Kingston District.

In no way does the omission of a site mean that it is not real or not worthy of listing here. It means that I have either not gotten around to putting it up yet or do not know about it.

If you have knowledge of any sites not listed here please feel free to email me at merlyn555@hotmail.com and make me aware of them.

I will also attempt to visit each site myself and conduct as thorough and scientific an investigation as possible. Having just completed the research into the Skeleton Park story I can tell you that it is very time consuming so please be patient.

It is my wish to collect as many of the ghost and paranormal stories of the city that I live in with as much detail and fact as can be gathered. I will attempt to include as many photos of the sites as time and money allow.

There is a horrible downside for some of you though, you will learn a lot about the history of your city while reading the stories. The history physical and paranormal is what gives the background and the life to stories of haunted houses and places. It makes them come alive and seem more real.

I hope you enjoy your stay and come back often. There will be additions to this site as often as is possible.


2002 by Merlyn of Cressycellog


All the stories contained on these pages are the opinion and the property of Merlyn of Cressycellog. If you borrow or use any of them please give acknowledgement where it belongs. Feel free to link to this page from your own site for any of the stories.

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688 King St West
The true story of a haunting that one family had to live with

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McBurney Park
The city park that holds a horrible secret

kbbanner.gif (4360 bytes) The Mystery of King Bird Five Zero

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to other paranormal sites.