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Note(11/05): Wow, It's been a LOOOONG time! Firstly, MissyRenee.com doesn't even exist anymore. Well, if it does, it's not mine.lol Secondly, my how time flies. Regardless of what sacred wish one might hold most dear, it is meaningless when compared with the nagging yearn for yesterday, to live again. How undoubtedly strong is the desire to stop the tides of time, yet to swim at the same time....Anyway, If I could turn back time, stop it and live it, all in the same instance, I'd do it in a heartbeat! I wonder, who wouldn't? Well, I found this old project and can't even believe that I remembered the password and whatnot to get back into it. I don't believe finishing is in order. What to do? I have no idea. I could obviously ramble. I have to be careful not to mess up the HTML, because I don't even remember how to do it. 3 years and it seems I've forgotten more than I'll ever learn again. Oh well, it was fun, once. By the way, if you're reading this, you must be some sort of special. Hardly anyone knew this landscape existed. I wasn't even sure it was still here. I bet there's one man that's been here a few times. He worked for the UN in East Timor. If only I were brave enough to leave an E-Mail address.lol Ok, I've rambled enough. I'll leave this up until I figure out what to do with it. Bye for now. :-)