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Some Favorite Photo's Of Our Angel, Caroline

~ What a Sweetheart ~

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Caroline with Daddy at 2 Weeks
Daddy & Me
Caroline at 3 Weeks
Hmm... Interesting
Caroline with 90mph Hair
Daddy Drives Fast!
Cousin Brye feeding Caroline
Cousin Brye & Me

Sleeping in her Crib
~ Sweet Dreams ~
Caroline with Birdies
Hi Birdies!
With her sister Bryeanna
My sister Bryeanna
With Ryan, Devon & Connor
Now This is Love!

Caroline, Aunt Gin & Mommy
Aunt Gin & Mommy
Reading Paper with Daddy
Picking Stocks!
Christening Day with Grandma & Grandpa
Christening Day
Caroline, Uncle Steve & Aunt Pat
My Godparents

At Church with Aunt Maria
My Aunt Maria
Christening Party, with Grandma
Heavenly Moment
Grandpa Holding Caroline
Hi Grandpa

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