Hang tight with me a few minutes. I know this is not the most concise thing I have ever written, but it is probably by far the most personal I have ever placed in front of another human being. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is dumb, and many times it is written though a shade of tears, but no matter, it is always honest... I know parts of this don't make sense, and I know this site would be the same -- maybe better -- without its presence, but I want you to understand how I am... I want you to see my truth.

"I'm an idiot."

It is probably the most used phrase in my vocabulary. And most of the time it is the truth. I find myself in situations daily when I just wish I would shut up or behave differently. But I dont. I have no control over what I say or do. I am being myself, someone who refuses to be sensored by her sense of judgment.

And to tell you the truth, being an idiot is something I am totally cool with. Sure, it hampers my social life occasionally and makes some of my sources from work use other, more offensive words to describe me, but it bothers me very little.

It bothered me greatly for most of my life, but I realized it was something I would just have to get used to. Now I see my idiocy as a benefit -- it gives me a great excuse NOT to date the blue-eyed, perfect ab-ed frat boys of the world: two idiots are not better than one...

Not to mention, I think I am a little ahead of the game. I mean, I am in that nice, nameless generation that falls between the ages of 18 and 26. Do you know anyone that age who ISN'T an idiot?? I didn't think so. So see, I seem to be one of the few of my peers who sees the truth. Humans by nature are idiots. Some of us are just more bumbling than others.

By the way, I wrote this so maybe you guys would quit saying "no you're not" every time I say "I'm an idiot." Don't you see, I am not looking for a compliment. I'm merely stating the facts.

But keep this in mind: if I say "man, my thighs are chunky," you better lie to me!

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