I am a student at the University of Georgia.
I speak both English and French, and am currently enrolled in Italian.
I adore shoes--and, more importantly, guys who adore shoes.
I'm still a big cartoon fan.
I collect mirrors.
I probably scheme too much.
I talk to myself constantly.
I once covered National Condom Day for the paper.
If I was not a writer, I would be a political science major.
I am a produced playwright.
I worry too much.
I refuse to date guys with perfect abs (long story).
I often think I am a rock star.
I have twice portrayed "Annie."
I would rather vacation on a lake than at the beach.
I voted for George W. Bush, but was unhappy with all choices.
I have curly hair.
My whore-ish friends claim I am sexually repressed.
I am unromantic in every sense of the word.
I like brown eyed boys.
I prefer Pepsi to Coca-cola.
I have a cat named Ginger.
My co-workers claim I am "insane" at times.
I love to cook--my faves are pasta and peanutbutter fudge.
My first webpage was a tribute to Chipper Jones.
I love to act.
I have been told that I am "extremely, horrifically loud."
Singing is once of my favorite things to do, no matter the time or place.
I play trumpet and a little piano and guitar.
I am emotionally attached to my computer.
I recently inadvertantly became a fan of NASCAR.
I am running late for class.