"She must taste just like sugar... And tangerines."

Quote taken from "Bringing Down the Horse" by the Wallflowers: An album of which I am not all that fond (it has it's high points) but a description I find quite fitting...

Leah Newman, 1986

Life... We all know the basics--how we were created and how we got here. But none of us really know why. And that is not a mystery I can solve for you. But there are somethings that I can tell you. Before your death, there will be three important, individual and all together seperate people who live your life for you. They make your choices and seal your fate. But the lines between them are often blurred. Their names are identical and their locations, more often than not, are similar as well. But no one of them can live a life alone... It takes all three.

Who I Was

Who I Am

Who I Am to Become