A rare moment in front of the camera aboard a WWII-era battleship.

Currently a student at the University of Georgia, I am also a variety staff writer at The Red & Black. I reside in Athens, Georgia during the school year and usually return home to my birthplace--Chickamauga--in the summer months. My passions include photography, music, dramatic writing, Bulldawg football, checking out boys, causing trouble and generally just acting like an idiot.

My advice?? Remember, "a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men!"(Willy Wonka)

EYE COLOR: crayon green
HAIR: spastic and curly
FAVORITE SONG: "Porch" (Pearl Jam)
FUTURE PLANS: Journalism major, Dramatic Writing minor,
with an intense interest in Photography
WORST HABIT: Singing in the shower
OTHER INTERESTS: theater, creative writing
FAVORITE SPORTS: (watch) baseball, (play) soccer

North Shore Hawaii, July 2000.

Ranting and Raving...
This section is updated as often as something new gets under my skin... Or as soon as it impresses me enough to log online.......

Who decided it was a good idea for Dolly Parton to cover a Collective Soul song? If you have not heard her version of "Shine," try to avoid the opportunity.

North Charlotte. I am just not cut out to hang in the ghetto. Probably one of the most scary days of my life....

(yes, for some odd reason they all currently relate to racecar drivers)
Ryan's (Newman,#02) running a full Winston Cup season in 2002, driving the #12 Penske-owned Alltel Ford Taurus.

Casey Atwood (#19, #7 in 2002) became the youngest driver to ever win a Bud Pole in when he won one in Arizona (October 2001).

Mooresville, NC. People tell you Charlottes the place to go... But they are wrong: there are lots of nice twenty-something racing boys to spend your fall break with in Mooresville.