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Laos List Summary - "V"

Name or Location in Red were Casualties

Note: This summary list may not agree with the corresponding detailed list due to ongoing updates.

V005 Donald E. (Val) Valentine White Star MTT FTT-2 Radio Operator Luang Prabang
V012 Charles E. Van Bibber, Jr. US Embassy Assistant Air Attache Savannakhet
V011 Walter Shelby Van Cleave   Pilot F4D KIA 4/22/69 South Laos
V013 Ben A. Van Etten Air America Hotel Pilot H34D
V014 Earl Vandrell USAID?   Luang Prabang
V001 Lloyd E. VanZee Det 1, 56SOW Raven 10  
V007 Varney Air America Aircrew C46 Killed 4/6/62
V002 Thomas J. (Tom) Verso Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
V004 Barry L. Velarde Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
V006 William A. (Bill) Vencill White Star MTT FB-7 Ass't S-2 Savannakhet
V008 George Verdon Air America   Killed 7/17/63
V003 John W. Vessey, Jr. DEPCHIEF MACTHAI Commander  
V010 James H. Villeponteaux, Jr. VA 212, USS Hancock   KIA 5/11/66 South Laos
V009 Albert C. Vollmer Pilot F105D   Rescued by Air America 1/14/65

Last Table Update: 5 August 2004  

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